Abokifx Exchange Rates – Dollar to Naira Rate Today & Euro To Naira

If you want to keep up with the forever volatile nature of the Naira against the dollar, then Abokifx which means friend in will help you do just that. It’s likely the most trusted site to find up to date prices of parallel dollar rate in Nigeria and the latest stock trends on the internet.

People that shop online know how important it is to check Fx rates as what was yesterday might not be the same today. To save yourself from misfortunes you can avoid with simple procedure of keeping up with Fx. Yes, it’s a reality show you have to adjust to the fast pace movement.

Is Abokifix limited To The Naira To Dollar Conversion?


Of course, not. The site covers many currency rates like; Euro, Ghanaian Cedis, Philippine Peso, Cameroon francs, Great Britain Pound Sterling (GBP) and many more currencies around the globe. And interestingly, Abokifix updates you on all rates starting from CBN, Western union, Moneygram rates, and parallel rates. That’s as current as it gets!

AbokiFix – Site Review

The site displays all the latest updates on the homepage. Information is organized and finding what you are looking for is easier than carving a cake with a machete.

Below i’ve explained all the things you’d need to know to understand all the categories to navigate the site like a stock trader.

Daily FX Rates in Parallel Market

The daily Fx rates focuses on the most in demand currencies which apparently are Dollars, Pounds, Euro, and Great Britain Pound Sterling (GBP). This is the first section and you won’t have a hard time comparing rates as the Naira is juxtaposed alongside the other currencies.

Also, it is important to note that the daily Fx is divided into lagos and Abuja parallel market, meaning you might see discrepancies in terms of rates. However, the rates are often not much which makes the slight changes somewhat insignificant. Nonetheless, cut throat dealers would very much appreciate any significant reduction to get an advantaged price.

Daily FX Rate for Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

There are discrepancies between rate on the parallel market and ATM rates. If you have ever shopped online you’ll notice slight price increase or decrease compared to the parallel market prices. This realization is common in international transactions for non-domiciliary account holders. The ATM fx is further categorized into three; Rates by bank, rates by currency, rates by month.

Western Union Rates

For people who send or receive money through this medium, the site displays the Naira (NGN) transaction rate to currencies like the Euro, Sterling Pounds (GDB) and Dollars. It is important to know western union charge a fee for each transaction depending on the amount.

Aboki FX Official CBN Rates

The central bank of Nigeria (CBN) gives the most accurate valuation of the Naira, at least on paper. Although the official rate is often looked over considering banks are strict on dollar transactions, customers most often than not end up dealing in the black market because of it’s apparent access.

Currency Converter Calculator

This helps convert any currency in the world. It requires selecting two different currencies and entering the figures you want to convert. It automatically gives you the correct conversion rate.

Economic News and Updates

Aboki FX frequently gives updates money and stock trends. Economic situations are also analyzed by professionals to give future projections on trajectory or downturn. They also give updates on Monetary policies discuss the effect or perks of these policies.

Forex traders and people that perform online transactions would want to stay current on exchange rates. And the website offers all that you’ll need to stay ahead of market trends. Thanks to the well organized site you can access the news from the header or site bar.

AbokiFX App

The Aboki app blends all that’s on the website and integrates other features to make a search yielding. Yes, it is available for Android phones and iOS.

Where to download the app?

Well, you can find it on your smartphone’s respective playstore. However, if you can’t, the site provides a link to the app depending on your OS.

How to Use the app?

The AbokiFX app is user friendly and easy to use. You’ll find it easy after a second use.

How to Use The Site

The AbokiFX site is structured in such a way that you can easily find all you want without much digging. All the important information are displayed on the homepage which allows for easy navigation.

Of course, the app is reflective of the site and is updated as the market changes.

Euro To Naira Bank Rate & Black Market Rate

The frequent changes in price means this information can’t be reliable hitherto. You’d have to check the site to find out about the current conversion and rates.

Dollar To Naira

The official rate of the US Dollar $ to Naira according to CBN is N361. However, it could go as far as N371 which varies depending on where you make transaction.


The AbokiFx is the most reliable outlet for currency conversion in Nigeria. This is further strengthened by CBNs endorsement to the reliability of the information published on the website.

Whether you are looking for the official rate or black exchange rate of the Naira to dollar, Euros to Naira, Naira to Cedis, be rest assured Aboki Fx has all the info you need.

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