Airtel Data Plan For Android Phones & iOS Nigeria [2020]

Are you looking for cheap Airtel data plan & their subscription codes in Nigeria? Get in here!

Are you looking for cheap Airtel data plan & their subscription codes in Nigeria?

If you are, then you are in the right place. Our work here is to help you figure which Airtel Internet package is perfect for Data needs.

Airtel is one of the best telecommunication networks in Africa & Asia, and as their popularity continues to spread, and so too does the number of customers increase.

The internet is now ubiquitously part of our lives. It’s no longer news that increasing number of people that use the internet access it through their phones. Because of this reason, telecom networks have made Data more affordable than ever for Internet subscribers.

Do you remember when 10MB was enough to surf the internet for a whole month?

Then You will agree with me when I say:

Overall Data use has increased, and 10MB is a trivial amount that wouldn’t even be enough for Facebook talk more of  Apps that significantly consume MB.

Today, I’ll be revealing the most popular Airtel data plan that will suit your needs.

Without further ado:

Top Airtel Data Plan For Android, iPhone & Laptop – Subscription Codes in 2020d

Airtel data plan

Check out the detailed table and pick your best Airtel internet plans and subscription codes for your Android, iPhone, and Windows.

Airtel Daily Data Bundles

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Airtel Weekly Data Bundles

[table id=9 /]

Airtel Monthly Data Bundles

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You should know that the cheap Airtel data bundles on our list will work on Android, iPhone, Laptops, Modems and any internet enabled device, same charges, and data provision applies to all devices.

Airtel Daily Data Plans

Here I will outline daily data plan for airtel light internet users who need affordable plans.

30MB FOR N100

You can get N30MB for little as N100  which is valid for 24 hours.

To subscribe Dial *410#

50MB FOR N300

You might have seen N200  For 50MB on Airtel’s official page. However, that plan is redundant which means instead of getting N50MB FOR N200 it costs an N100 more.

The plan is valid for three (3) days. As our internet use differs, so also is our data use. This offer is perfect for average internet users.

To subscribe, Dial *412#

5 STAR PACK 25MB  FOR N100 (5MB Daily)

It is just me or not. The idea of getting 5MB for an extended five (5) days duration is great, but the data offering is so small which makes me wonder what Airtel are trying to do.

The idea is good, but the execution is flawed.  If the plan were incorporated into Monthly data plans, it would have made more sense.

Furthermore, the free Basics makes the 5 star Package redundant. However, if you feel like subscribing to the Star Pack, you can as well check out the code below

To opt in, Dial *401#

Airtel Weekly Data Plans

Airtel has two basic weekly data plans; you will be surprised that both Internet Package is extremely affordable.
80MB FOR N300

To subscribe, Dial *418#

750MB FOR N500

The 750MB comes as a relief for Internet Users that would like to enjoy weekly internet package for more than a week. The good news is, you get to enjoy this plan for 14 days.

To opt in Dial *418#

Airtel Monthly Bundle

Airtel 1 Month Data Plan

Here we’ve given the best and cheapest Airtel internet package for Nigerians. So that no matter what the Data bundle you need, you will find the right one that is perfect for you.

1.5GB FOR N1,000

This is our budget choice for Users that want the cheapest Airtel 1 month data plan. For just N1,000 users will be credited with 1.5GB worth of data.

Furthermore, the 1.5GB will work on smartphones, modems, and laptop for a whole month.

To subscribe code for airtel bundle, Dial *496#

3.5GB FOR N2,000

Airtel really impressed users with 3GB @ N2,000 which is one of the best offers you can get from telecom networks in Nigeria.

If you are willing to cough out some money, then you will have the chance to download songs, stream videos, play online games and much more.

To opt-in to this plan, Dial *437#

5GB FOR N2,500

This Airtel data plan is for the heavy internet users. At a very reasonable price at N2,500, you can get about 5GB worth of data for 30 days, which is quite decent compared to other telecom data offerings at the same price range.

To subscribe, Dial *437*1#

7GB FOR N3,500

The 7GB monthly package is expensive, but it’s the best choice for daily internet users. With just N3,500 you can do just more than download songs, movies and games.

Airtel Nigeria offers reasonable data at a decent rate which is valid for 30 days.

To opt into this plan, Dial *438#

12GB FOR N5,000

There’s no reason this plan shouldn’t be yours if you are a heavy internet user. The special package is valid for 30 days.

To subscribe, Dial *452#

24GB FOR N8,000

Tired of subscribing your phone every week, with just N8,000 you can take that pain away with an astounding 24GB, which means you’ll get 24GB @ N8,000 only.

To be very honest, as this plan is very costly, you can go with other plans we’ve listed above.

To subscribe, Simply Dial *460#

Airtel Night Internet Plans – Weekend &  Time Based Bundles

While the Daily and monthly Airtel internet plans are perfect for both light and power internet users, you will enjoy downloading large files that prove hard to download in the day.

Thanks to Airtel night plans and weekend bundles; customers have something to be happy about when it’s midnight.


To get 3hours of unlimited download for just N1,000. Dial *481*2# ( valid from 12am and 5:59 am)

Airtel Data Bundle TIME-BASED Unlimited Download For 30mins

Users who find the Night bundle at N1,00 expensive. Here’s a time based plan that will solve your problem.
Enjoy unlimited access to use the internet at Night  to download whatever you like for 30mins.

Dial *439*3#

TIME-BASED Unlimited Download For 60mins

For sure this Airtel data plan will make you go Bunkers!

For just N500 you can enjoy 60mins of unlimited downloads, video streaming and much more. Which is (active between 12 am to 5:59 am).

To get this offer, Dial *439*4# 


Although the plan is the best weekend package, you will get 200MB for N200 to surf the internet throughout the weekend between (Saturday 12 am to 11:59 pm on Sunday).

Dial *472#


Valid between ( 12 am on Saturday to 11:59 on Sunday). You are rest assured of 500MB to download, stream videos and play online games.

To opt-in, Dial *473# 

Note: The weekend plans work on smartphones, tablets, modems and any internet enabled device.

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The most exciting bonus for Opera Mini users:

Airtel Opera Mini Bundle and Subscription Code

This Bonus is strictly for opera mini users.

Below are weekly, bi-weekly, monthly opera bundle and their subscription codes.

  • Weekly opera mini Bundle – Get 50MB worth of data for one (1) week. To subscribe just Dial *885*3#
  • Bi-Weekly Opera Mini Bundle –   Enjoy up to 100MB of data with N200. To subscribe Dial *885*2#
  • Monthly opera mini bundle  –  for as little as N300, you can enjoy 250MB for one (1) month. To subscribe Dial *885*1#


In conclusion, the Airtel network has over and again showed that their data offerings are quite affordable and user-friendly. However, not everything sits completely right with the data use rate.

Many users have complained about the unfair data consumption of Airtel data plan. Do you have any experience like that?

You can ask me any question related to Airtel Data Plan below in the comment section. Cheers!

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