Amazing SanDisk Case Expands iPhone Storage Space

For iphone 6 loyalist, who continue to patronize a 16GB Smartphone Apple tosses at its users. A kind savior has looked at the plight of iphone user’s constraint, and decided to do something about it.

The company dubbed as Memory card specialist has taken their expertise to Apple phones. More possible than not, SanDisk intervention is much appreciated, since the Canadian lead company aren’t willing to alienate the 16GB storage from their Smartphone’s build.

 SanDisk are allegedly creating “ iXpand Memory case”, an iphone case constructed with built storage that connect via lightning port, through which iXpand Memory case automatically increase your storage capacity.

That’s not where it ends. You will need to install the companion app on your phone. The app automatically backs up your camera pictures and other miscellaneous files. More so, users can attach an optional 1900mAh battery pack which comes attached to the case.

Disappointingly, this feature isn’t supported old iphone version and first generation iphone 6 or the 6s.

What do you have to say about this new improvement? Is it a hit or miss idea?