Android N, Finally Has A Name: Nougat

For those Game of thrones fans, one couldn’t wish better for Arya as she finally realized who she is. Likewise, good ol’Google diplomatically drops the N name; Nougat is now officially Androids next OS. In the same manner Google has found vector to its OS name scheduled release, finally christened Nougat.

Nougat should not get over your head just yet. It’s going through the second beta stage, which if successful, a host of new features, including Multi-tasking, new emojis and a Data saver function that will put off applications that drain battery life.

The Android VR mode will be supported on daydream, Google’s virtual reality platform. Nexus are likely to receive Android new features first, before Google starts official release of her OS to Smartphone manufacturers.

Android Nougat defined as a blend of honey or sugar and rusted nuts defines Google update. When are we getting a piece of it?