Best Christmas Deals you can get on Jumia – Christmas with Techslize

Jumia is at it – Get Cheap Christmas Discounts

It’s that time of the year where all you can do is give and share with friends, family and just about anyone. Christmas couldn’t fall at a better period than a time where new year resolutions are made.

How about this for a change?

Ask me anything you want Techslize to improve on next year. I’ve never had a personal chat with you guys, but for this short period I’ll make an exception.

Use the comment box to throw in your questions and requests that you want our blog to have a better take on and I might as well add it as new year goal.

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Best Jumia Christmas Deals

Okay, I’ll be brief with this – Jumia has caught the Christmas Bug – if you’ve missed the black Friday then this is a recompense. The Christmassive Deals are live with decent discounts across all categories.

I will admit that this are not as cheap as you’ll imagine but it might give you a bit of solace that you can get some discounts on products during the Yuletide.

Yes, I’ve bought some decent products on Jumia –

I got Two Thumbhole Sweaters and a Sleek Leather Bracelet which my friend want as Christmas Gift but no I’m not giving him. Coke and Chin-Chin will be enough for him. How about that?

If you want to check out the stuffs I got, just use the links above.

I’m wrapping up here, cause I have some chores do. But before I round out, I have dropped a link below where you can find the Christmassivedeals on Jumia.

Christmassive Deals –    Christmassive Deals

I’d like you to ask me anything, we can share our new year goals and ask each other how far we’ve gone with our goals in 2018.

Happy Christmas and New Year, of course, in Advance!