You Can Win Up to $300,000, Just Help LEAP With Your Ideas

Do you have a knack for off-grid refrigeration coupling? may be you could put it to work and grab three hundred thousand dollars($300,000), just for your ideas.

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The Global leap off grid refrigeration competition hosted for Sub-Saharan African which sees the winner clinching ┬áthree hundred thousand dollars ($300,000). Nevertheless, Global leap’s aim goes beyond the captivating price. With a strategic plan, for uplifting innovative ideas in Africa. In this light, Global leap aims to liberate Africa from the chains of a over dependence of faulting Electrical grid plight, with an alternative fitting natural source.

The US led company, also known as Global lighting and Energy Access partnership (LEAP) is an energy Company controlled by U.S department of energy. Their focus, ranges from different off-grid energy products and services, through Economic growth has seen to reduce Electricity cost.

The Open Grand challenge for Sub-Saharan development will open access for contestants to spun new ideas that can suit the Saharan Ecosystem. Furthermore, Leap will expect innovative Ideas, how to put those ideas to work. Putting this to consideration, Consumers affordable access to off-grid refrigeration encompasses the competitions Focus.

For more information, You can check Scaling off-grid website and follow the laid down instruction. It’s time you Jettisoned Fantasies and start putting your genius ideas to work.