Top 5 Card Games You Can Play on Your Mobile

Relive the good ol days..

Some of us grew up playing card games with family and friends. It’s one of those games that brings fond memories wrapped in nostalgia of the good ol days.

Even as an Adult you seem not to grow out of Card games, unlike video games, there’s no end to it. You just have to keep playing it and each day brings a twist you never expected.

There are many card games you can enjoy on your mobile. Interesting enough, these games also have multi-players.

This ensures that not only you is locked onto the fun but you friends get a piece of it. Yeah, there’s love in sharing.

Below I’ll be giving away some of the most addictive card games you can play on your smartphone today to relive all the fun moments.

Without further ado;

Top 5 Card Games to Play on Your Mobile

Let’s begin, shall we?

  1. Deck of Cards (Available on Android & IOS)

For a special and I admit sentimental reason, the deck of cards comes first on my list. First off, it’s a game that allows up to 7 other players to join in on the fun.

I really like the design. It’s straight up easy to navigate. You can select the number of players and fits to a large or small screen without looking stretched or cropped. I love playing Deck of cards on my iPad, it’s intuitive and the gaming experience is flawless.

If you have a phone and you love to have a piece of great card games on mobile then Deck of cards is an essential.

  1. Trappola (Available on IOS)

Having Trappola on your phone is as though carrying deck of cards in your pocket. It comes with a ton of different card games.

It even has some features that are not present on deck of cards – There’s the multiplayer support and allows you to engage with different online players all over the world.

The game is flexible as it allows you to flip cards and deals them on the table, shuffle decks and put cards in a deck. The player can choose a deck different from the other players

The downside if any is its absence on the Android Google play store which might feel like a disservice to Android users. Not to worry much I’ve balanced the odds by picking a game that’s just as good but only for Android users.

Fair enough?

Download; IOS

  1. Card Deck Games (Android)

The Deck Card games is one of those games you can play anywhere, you name it. With multiplayer support, you can use Bluetooth to connect to your friends around.

Under the hood you also have different games to choose from – Hearts, Thirty-one, Oh Hell, Chicago and much more.

It also allows you to shuffle cards and decks just like the Trappola. Talking about drawbacks, there’s no single player support. I know it sucks, this is a multi-player game and if you friends can’t join in you can’t play alone as well.

Download: Android

  1. 500 Deck Share (IOS)

The 500 Deck share is paid app – you have to pay $2 to have the virtual card game but it’s worth every penny. It doesn’t run on Ads, no annoying pop ups and gruesome ads appearing on your screen. It’s minimal and smooth.

500 Deck share supports up to 4 players. You can also add robot players if your friends are not available to play. It supports voice chat – you can use it to troll your friends and throw in banter of let off the boiling laugh that you’d hold to yourself.

Download: IOS

  1. Microsoft Solitaire Collection (IOS & Android)

This game has been available of windows laptop dating to 1990. It’s a staple game on windows PC. Having the game back in the day was like owning a GTA V in your game arsenal. It was that important.

The developers have pushed the game onto Android and IOS devices. You can enjoy solitaire games at a price – You guessed right, Ads.

Aside the ads that appear at the bottom of the screen, it’s pretty much clean and won’t interfere with your game-play. If you’ve been a fan of the Solitaire game on windows vista, the universe is giving you another chance to reconnect with an old friend.


All these games are immersive and you’d ask me to pick then make me spoilt for choice like a child in a toy shop asked to pick whatever he likes.

It all depends on your choice all these card games are enthralling will give you a run for time. But before I sign out, just like a child I have to pick one thing off the shelf. It’s the Deck of cards for me.