Dstv Nigeria: Subscription, Bouquet packages, Plan & Prices in 2020

Everything you need to know about Dstv Nigeria subscription packages, price, customer care & DStv channels.

Dstv is a cable TV service owned by a South African-led company,  limited.  The most surprising thing is that DSTV has been in operating in the country for more than two decades.

In fact, Dstv is the most popular cable Tv in Nigeria which offers its users exclusive access to some channels like Nat Geo Wild, MTV Base, Africa Magic, Supersport, etcetera.

Dstv is perhaps the biggest satellite Cable Tv Provider and with it comes HD PVR decoders, Mobile TV service, HD channels and much more.

In this review, I will highlight the Dstv subscription packages, Decoder prices and Dstv customer care in Nigeria.

Price of Dstv Decoders

Below is the list of decoders that are available online for purchase.

Dstv Explora

The Explora is the most expensive decoder from Multichoice. Fear not, cause it comes with features that allow to users to watch and record movies in HD.

The greatest part it has Internet access which enables you to stream live and download stuff on the internet.

You can record up to 220 hours of content meaning that you can record your favorite shows, music videos, movies and much more in HD.

The DStv Explora start retail at N35,000 – N45,000 which depends on the location you purchase it from.

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DStv HD Decoder

The DStv HD Decoder is most common in Nigerian homes. Explora is slightly better than the HD decoder.

DStv Central has a unique feature called the DStv Central which allows you to control the decoder. To access this feature, all you have to do is press the blue button on the remote.

Impressively, the user interface is amazing as it allows you to navigate the core functions and explore different tv channels.

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DStv Packages & Bouquets Prices

Setting up a DStv is set at around N19,000 – N45,000. This covers most of the basic things like the satellite dish, cables, decoder and cost of installation.

Yes, the price is quite a fortune, compared how cheap it is to set up GOtv. Despite that, Dstv is one of the best cable TV in Africa.

Dig down a little bit to view the best DStv packages and Bouquets prices:

DStv Access – N1900

DStv access is the cheapest bouquet package. It is extremely affordable and might just be the best choice for customers on a strict budget.

This bouquet racks up to 82 channels which include channels like Al Jazeera, E Entertainment, CNN, Nat Geo Wild etcetera.

It’s obvious that the DStv lack some exclusive channels like rated movie channels and sports.

To get access to all the 82 channels, you’ll have to shell out N1900.

DStv Family – N3,800

Are you unsatisfied with DStv access limited channels?

With the DStv family, you can get a slew of exclusive channels for N3800 monthly.

With this bouquet, you and your family can get the perfect atmosphere to enjoy channels like Africa Magic Movies, Sony Max, Universal Channel, Euro News, CNN and lots more.

The family bouquet boasts of 55 special tv channels which come short of 30 channels offered by the Access. However, the family has more exclusive channels that are restricted on the later.

In addition, DStv family has 24 audio services which include 3 BBC channels, Voice of America, Ray Power Fm, Star FM, RAI Radio and other great audio stations.

You’ll have to pay a monthly fee of N3800 per month to get access to the plan.

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DStv Compact Plus

It is as though the further you go down the better the bouquets and the more expensive they become.

The compact plus is ideal for sports aficionados especially Football Fans as it provides about 90% sports channels where you can watch EPL, French League, Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga.

You can view other sports like Golf, Tennis, Motorsport, etc.
As you’d expect the compact plus is better than two packages we’ve reviewed above.

The DStv Compact Plus comes with a galore of entertainment, movies, and sports channels. Needless to say, you are getting one of the best DStv bouquets for the money.

Some of the Sport and Movie channels on the bouquet:

Supersport 10, Supersport 11, Supersport 12, Supersport 7 Nigeria, Supersport 3 Africa, BBC Brit, Eva, Zee World.

The bouquet holds a total of 130 channels that demands a N9,900 monthly fee to enjoy the channels.

Dstv Premium

If you want unrestricted viewing of all DStv audio and HD video, then the DStv Premium Package is the perfect fit.

In fact, the Premium package boast of the biggest on-screen entertainment in Africa.  From airing scripted documentaries, movies, news, kid’s programs and live sports coverage, DStv premium is a bang for your buck.

Dstv Nigeria is Nigeria’s first go to Cable Tv for Entertainment, Sports and Movies. What’s your opinion about DStv decoder and bouquet prices?

Let me know your thoughts via the comment section.