Ebay is Coming To Africa With New Partners, MallforAfrica

Ebay starting from July 2016 are coming with hooks and sink. Its time they cast their net into Nigeria’s E-commerce market. eBay in-short words, is bringing herself to the African market with a new christened name MallforAfrica.

MallforAfrica is online shopping startup where Africans will be able to buy directly from eBay, just like an intermediate eBay’s portal. Adding to the new deal, a new app powered by MallforAfrica as an eBay Affiliate would followup.

The platform will enable inventory from all eBay U.S individual and business sellers with a five-star rating  purchase by buyers in Nigeria and Kenya. eBay development Director, Fernando Saiz, added.

Nigeria alongside Kenya will be the first benefactors from this campaign. Although MallforAfrica CEO chris Foloyan said further, MallforAfrica afterwards unveiled in other African countries, starting with Ghana.

The partnership between eBay and MallforAfrica couldn’t have come at a better time. it comes as a relief for Nigerians who often order goods abroad, with risk of custom sanctions and other anomalies for their products reaching the shores of Nigeria safely.