3 Ways to Check Etisalat (9Mobile) Data Plan Balance in Nigeria 2020

Learn how to check Etisalat Data Plan Balance. 9mobile Data Plan Balance

Let’s face it:

Most often than not, many Etisalat subscribers forget the code to check their Etisalat data balance, 9mobile data balance.

It’s as though you forget the code instantly after you’ve checked your data mb balance.

The good news is you can bookmark our page and that problem will be a problem of the past.

While this may seem unimportant, checking your data usage can help you conserve the data, which in turn, saves you from incurring extra data cost.

Therefore, you need to check your data balance, at the very least once in a day, as it will help you know how much data is left, it’s however, up to the user to use the data wisely.

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Below are Internet plan codes to check Etisalat Internet Data MB balance:


without further ado: Here are the codes to check the Etisalat data usage.

  • To Check Etisalat data plan balance: Simply text Bal to 228
  • To check Etisalat airtime plan via USSD code: Simply dial *228#
  • For Blackberry Etisalat Subscribers, Simply Dial *399*2# to check your BIS data balance.

After you dialed the inquiry code or send an inquiry message, Etisalat network will automatically send the data balance and the expiration date of the Internet plan you are subscribed to, via text.

Mentioned above are current codes you can use to check your Etisalat data bundle balance in Nigeria 2017.

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For more information on how to Etisalat offers you can call their customer service.


Thanks for reading thus far. If you have any questions on how to check Etisalat Data plan balance, please do shoot us a comment via the comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible.



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