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FCMB Transfer Codes!

It could be a hassle standing on queues in a banking hall for hours. You can bank smarter, like a boss with the FCMB USSD Banking services and save yourself the stress, time, money and all those inconveniences.

However, in this well perceived article I have brought you all the FCMB USSD banking codes with which you can easily make your transactions. Now let us get the ball over the net; please do open your mind so that a little happiness will be sieved into this smooth and interesting journey.


Find below which of the service codes you are in need of:

  • First of all, to register to the FCMB USSD Banking services, simply dial *329# on any type of phone you have. Onscreen prompts will appear in which you will enter your details: name, date of birth and so on. Enter those details as they appear on your FCMB account(s). Note that you cannot enroll on this service twice. So a particular number must be owned by an individual who may have just a single or multiple accounts.
  • Dial *329*0# to reset your  transaction PIN or create a transaction code/PIN
  • If you want to top-up your mobile number or simply recharge your phone via the FCMB USSD banking, dial *329*Amount#. If you want to top-up a third party number, dial *329*Amount*Mobile Number#.
  • To transfer funds to other accounts, be it within the bank or to other banks, dial *329*Amount*Account Number#. Follow the onscreen prompts that follow and confirm the transaction with your transaction PIN which you created when you registered to the service.
  • You could also check your bank account balance by dialing *329*00#. Follow duly the onscreen prompts that follow to get your balance displayed on your screen and sent to you
  • To buy data directly from your FCMB bank account for any number, dial, *329*1*Number# it is that simple!
  • You may want to pay for GOtv or DStv subscription via your FCMB bank account. Simply dial *328*Amount*Smartcard Number#.
  • To block your ATM card in the case of theft or unexpected loss, dial *329#. Select the self-service option from the list, then select the ‘block card’ option to block your debit card.
  • You could also block your bank account in the case fraudulent transactions on your account by dialing on your mobile phone *329#. Select the ‘self-service’ option and from there select the ‘block bank account’ to block your bank account.
  • In order to link your BVN to your account, dial *329#. Select the ‘self-service’ option and the ‘link BVN’ option.
  • You could also receive your statement of accounts for any duration of time you want. Dial *329# on your mobile phone. Select the ‘statement’ option. Input the duration of time you want and then send. The statement will be sent to the email registered to your account number.
  • To view your last 5 transactions, dial *329# and choose the ‘statement’ option and then select ‘mini statement’ to view your last 5 transactions.

This banking system is not only secure, it is fast, reliable and it saves you energy, money and time.

Now you can go ahead and bank like a boss from the comfort of your room or office.