Google Project Ara Will Revolutionize Smartphone’s Use In Nigeria.

This is the first time Google is building a Smartphone in true google fashion. Recent phones like Nexus phones were built by third parties like LG, Hauwei and HTC. Google Project Ara is set for release by 2017. For those who don’t know about the project Ara, I will throw a little light on it.

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What is Google Project Ara?

Project Ara

Google Consumer Ara is a device where you can swap out different part of the Smartphone like the battery, camera, screen and speakers on the go. It’s like swapping out your device battery when it gets worn out. Ara’s body frame is composed of  parts called modules. The body frame consists of six modular slots connected through a Unipro networking system.

What does this mean to the Nigerian Smartphone market?

Nigerians, have been faced with problems when it comes to phone guarantee. I mean Parent Smartphone’s companies don’t give a Heck about warranty. You will be shocked to find out that Consumers are not insured if their phone spoils within the specified warranty’s valid period.

Google Project will also see to People’s long attachment to its product. The need to change Smartphone in order to keep up with OS updates, New features, Interface and design will be curbed through Google Project Ara .