How Best to Send and Receive Faxes Online Without a Fax Machine

Fax machines have always been a part of faxing. And in fact, no one could imagine sending or receiving a fax without a fax machine. However, this guide will give you all the solutions for faxing without such trouble. Surprising, isn’t it? Keep on reading till the end to find out all about the new hassle-free faxing ways.

Faxing is one of the major communication media that is used by people all over the world due to its utmost security advantages. Even though many new ways have come up in competition, no method is as reliable and trustworthy as faxing. And that’s the reason that even after all these years, faxing never died and is becoming increasingly popular.

Organizations that have confidential documents to send over to some other place trust no other method but faxing for it. Also, professionals and freelancers also communicate officially through the use of faxes. However, they are not using the old and primitive ways of fax machines for it. Well, that’s surprising now. Want to know how they do it? Buckle up, people. This guide is all about it.

The new ways for faxing have been established and are becoming increasingly famous among the fax lovers. The new way of ‘Online Faxing’ is taking over the world by storm, it’s that much good. More and more people are beginning to use this new method of online faxing, leaving behind the primitive techniques such as fax machines. Here, we have described all you need to know about online faxing and how it’s done.

CocoFax – Online Faxing Is Easier Than Ever Before

CocoFax is an online faxing tool that helps you to send and receive your faxes without any cost through the use of the internet. This free fax service developed by CocoFax is one of its kind. It is effective in both working as well as cost. With CocoFax, you get each and every quality aspect of faxing.

CocoFax has also received immense praise from various news sources like Tom’s Guide, PC World, and the New York Times. These international media brands have some good things to say about it.

CocoFax offers top quality services that not only work wonders but are also way cheaper than other faxing tools. Like, you don’t have to invest in any kind of faxing machines or other hardware like paper, toner and ink etc. This way, you can save not only your effort but also your money.

CocoFax is also way better than all other online fax services because unlike others, CocoFax does what it has publicized and provides quality results. That is why CocoFax is the only fax service in the faxing market that has a client base of millions of people. Individuals throughout the world love to use CocoFax’s amazing services.

With CocoFax, you can send free fax from computer, mobile phone, tablet or even laptop. This way, there is no restriction on the type of device, you may use whichever device you want.

Why Is CocoFax Necessary For Online Faxing?

You might be wondering that when we are going to use the internet for fax, why not do it directly? Why is CocoFax even needed for the purpose? Well, we are here to provide all the answers so don’t worry.

Actually, the internet cannot directly send or even receive a fax. This is because it works through the use of digital signals. And the case of faxing is entirely different. Faxing makes use of analog signals in order to proceed with its works. This way, neither the internet nor a fax can understand the other one.

Online faxing could not have been made possible without the use of a third part service such as CocoFax. CocoFax acts as a translator between the internet and faxes. It helps both of these media, the internet and faxing, understand each other and work together successfully.

CocoFax Requires Only A Few Simple Things

The requirements for faxing with CocoFax are not at all as difficult or complicated as those of the old faxing methods. You need only a few simple things and you can get started with online faxing right away. Enlisted below are the simple requirements.

An Internet Connection

To fax online, you must have an internet connection. Online faxing involves the use of the internet the most. Hence, you must make sure of that. Moreover, your device must also be connected to it.

Register yourself with CocoFax

And when you are thinking about using CocoFax’s services for the purpose of online faxing, you must sign-up with it first. Register yourself up with CocoFax through the facility of 30-day free trial provided by CocoFax. This free trial makes the sign-up really easy and fast as you don’t even have to pay a cent for it.

Get a Fax Number

Fax number is also an utmost necessity when it comes to faxing. Whatever faxing technique you may be using, a fax number is as important as the fax file itself. And with CocoFax, you don’t have to look for one here and there, as CocoFax itself provides you with a free fax number. Additionally, you can choose one for yourself.

Sending A Fax Online

Step 1: For sending a fax through the internet, you must be signed-up to CocoFax. In case you aren’t, you can do so by heading to the official site and hitting the button for a 30-day free trial. There, you will also have to give in your email id and you will also get to pick a free fax number for yourself.

Step 2: When all the sign-up process is done, you will now be taken directly to your personal online dashboard. This dashboard is the resting place for all your faxes and can be opened from any web browser. Look for the button of ‘New Fax’, hit it to start creating a new fax.

Start off with the ‘To’ field. Here, you will write the fax address of the person who is intended to receive your fax. Fax address is actually the recipient’s fax number followed by the site extension for CocoFax that is ‘’.

Then, there are two optional fields of ‘Subject’ and ‘Cover Page’. The ‘subject’ field is to have a top note (if there is any) of the fax archive that you will attach later. Cover page is for the introductory page, as the name suggests, of the fax archive.

Attach the file you want to fax. It can be of any of the following types, pdf, doc, docx, png, jpg and various others. Hit the send button once you have double checked all the fields. CocoFax will let you know whether your fax was safely delivered or not. For this purpose, a confirmation message will be sent to you on your online CocoFax dashboard.

Receiving A Fax Online

Receiving a fax through the internet is also as simple as getting one, actually even more easier and less complicated. In case that you are signed up with CocoFax, all the faxes that you receive will directly go to your online dashboard.

And you don’t have to be logged in all the time in order to not miss any fax. Your CocoFax dashboard will receive faxes even if you are logged in or not. Whenever you log in, you can find all your received faxes in the ‘Inbox’ tab.


So, this is how easy CocoFax is. Moreover, faxing has also been made easier and less complicated than before. CocoFax is the best and most simple faxing solution for online faxing so start using it now.