How To Catch A Cheating Spouse For Free

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Relationships nowadays are so skeptical and require a lot of patience and trust to keep them going. However, it is necessary for a person to keep a check on the mobile phones of your partners in order to get the knowledge which flies away from the very eyes of the person who is being cheated by the partner. Hence, it is necessary for you to keep a security check on the mobile of the person.

Cocospy is an extensive application and a spying software which helps you in this regard, Cocospy is being used by millions of people online. Cocospy Phone Tracker App consists of several applications and utility tools which help you to access the mobile phones of the cheating spouses or children so you can monitor the activities being done on the cheating partner’s phone.

Cocospy is now a renowned spying application, renowned by Globally trusted titles including PC World, New York Times, Top Ten Reviews, Life hacker, Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, PCMag, TechRadar, Tom’s Guide, Digital Trends, as well as life wire.

Cocospy has obtained enough coverage from World to announce itself an entrusted spying application for these websites and also many other people who use it from around the Globe.

Cocospy is a useful application which is used for tracking many types of activities from calls to social media and is extensively useful for both the parents and the spouses. The Cocospy application can help you monitor your child and help you to Track Cheating Spouse Cell Phone Free  of cost and without the knowledge of the person itself that he or she is being spied all the time by their spouse.

How To Trace The Cheating Spouse Mobile?



  • Install The Cocospy Application:


Cocospy is a free Application available on both the of the operating systems including the Android and IOS. First, you may need to download the Cocospy application on the target phone and Sign up for free on it and then allow the Cocospy application to gain access to target phone’s credentials and allow it to run on the phone without a security issue. The application will hide in the targets phone and conceal its icon and will also hamper the use of excessive battery so the person does not know that he or she is being spied on.


  • Fill All Of The Particulars


One must enter the iPhone credentials including the iCloud ID and password. If you are an Android user, you must access the target phone and install the application on it. You can then monitor the target phone through your personal mobile. When the credentials are entered, it registers your account and then creates the account so you can easily track the target phone.


  • Ignite The Spying By Dashboard:


Once these pieces of information are filled, The final step will make you to log in your account from the user phone and open up the Dashboard in the panel to begin spying on the target phone. The best part of this spying means that the person will be fully unaware of the monitoring and will not have knowledge about that. The target person will not perceive the activity of being monitored by and then you can easily begin the spying process.

Cocospy- The Best Spouse Tracker:

  • Extreme satisfaction of the customers and fan following of the application all around the World that makes you trust the application.
  • Extra Utility tools that aid in the perfect and real-time monitoring of your spouse and his/her mobile phone from your personal mobile.
  • SMS tracker equipped with full ID information and helping you in the monitoring of the texts, sent or received by the target phone.
  • Call tracker, live tracing calls and giving you a maximum 30 minute call recording time which provides adequate supply to trace the caller, the Call tracker also lets you know the location of the caller. Thus, making tracking easier than ever before.
  • Location tracker equipped with GPS technology, helping you to trace the location of the phone and helps you remain aware of the location of your spouse and help you in guaranteeing the security of your spouse so you may be warned when they are in danger.
  • The Geo-Fence alert, alarming the parents when a compromise to the allowed area is made and helps you to immediately seek help in times of an emergency in a very swift way.


This article was based on the premises of using the Cocospy application for tracking the spouses and monitoring their activities on the phone, it’s highly advised for you to install this software and enjoy the free features offered by the application itself.