Huawei sold more smartphones than Apple in Q2 2018 according to Gartner Report

Earlier this year a report from the market research firm IDC (International Data Corporation) revealed that Huawei had overtaken Apple as the second largest smartphone manufacturer by way of global shipments.

Obviously that can’t be taken as golden as Apple keep a tight lid on their sales figures but this week a report from the firm Gartner reveals a similar sentiment but this time rather than shipments it looked at sales.

The Chinese firm revealed that their own sales grew by 38.6% in Quarter 2 this year. With the main driving force behind that growth being their increasingly popular Honor sub-brand, which is now available in 70 markets worldwide giving them tremendous coverage.

On the other hand, Apple’s sales have barely changed compared to last year with only a change of 1%. The data from Gartner shows that the interest on the iPhone X has faded much quicker than their previous flagships. With the iPhone 8 only seen as an incremental update that too has not produced a growth in sales volume. We are very interested to see whether this year’s iPhone lineup makes a difference, there’s an iPhone X successor in the works as well as rumoured iPhone SE 2 which was leaked by mobile phone deal site Tiger Mobiles earlier this year which should do well in some of Apple’s emerging markets should it be released.

Worldwide Top 5 Smartphone Sales to End Users by Vendor in 2Q18 (Thousands of Units)

Vendor Q2 2018 Units Q2 2018 Market Share (%) Q2 2017 Units Q2 2017 Market Share (%)
Samsung 72,336.40 19.3 82,855.30 22.6
Huawei 49,846.50 13.3 35,964.30 9.8
Apple 44,715.10 11.9 44,314.80 12.1
Xiaomi 32,825.50 8.8 21,178.50 5.8
OPPO 28,511.10 7.6 26,092.50 7.1
Others 146,096.10 39 156,190.80 42.6
Total 374,330.60 100 366,596.10 100


Looking at the other manufacturers, Samsung’s sales saw a drop of 12.9% drop but the firm are still way ahead of the pack by quite some way. Demand for the Samsung Galaxy lineup has diminished slightly  but the new Note9 will surely provide a jump in growth thanks to its new S Pen.

Just behind Apple is another Chinese firm in the shape of Xiaomi who have now overtaken Oppo as their sales grew by 55%. Gartner analysts believe the Xiaomi improvements are down to a joined up online and retail strategy which is doing well to reach customers.

As for operating systems, there’s not much to say. The market share of iOS mirrors Apple’s sales, everything else is Android.

As for operating systems it’s all very much as you would expect, Android naturally dominated with iOS mirroring Apple’s sales volume share. Will we ever see a new OS on the market? BlackBerry and Windows are now almost a distant memory.

Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Operating System in 2Q18 (Thousands of Units)

Operating System Q2 2018 Units Q2 2018 Market Share (%) Q2 2017 Units Q2 2017 Market Share (%)
Android 329,503.40 88 321,848.20 87.8
iOS 44,715.10 11.9 44,314.80 12.1
Other OS 112.1 0 433.1 0.1
Total 374,330.60 100 366,596.10 100