How HUB8 N490 Naira For WordPress Hosting Changes Everything

How HUB8 N490 naira for Wordpress hosting changes everything!

WordPress is well known to be an accommodating content management system which supports the use of several plugins that makes modification and customization of the platform easy. The WordPress CMS has been recorded to powers more than 30% of all active website online which amounts to about 75 million plus website in total.

Normally the CMS is considered to be of best use when it comes to setting up a blog, but over time the software has advanced into a more complex system that can be used to develop virtually any type of website.

WordPress CMS is no doubt the best CMS out there and it’s no surprise that more than 50,000 new WordPress website is being launched on a daily basis on this awesome platform.

In Nigeria, there are very few web hosting providers that can truly support the use of WordPress CMS in all its graciousness. For a country with more than 50 percent of its websites running on WordPress CMS, this is a cry for help.

For those who have been experiencing bad hosting conditions with a Nigerian web host provider, or are being forced to go through the stress of exchanging your Nairas to foreign currency just so you can pay for an overpriced web hosting plan. HUB8 is here to change the web hosting industry with its world-class hosting services.

HUB8 is a domain registration and web hosting solution provider that has recently launched its service in Nigeria. As of now, HUB8 boast of the most reliable and also the most affordable web hosting service in the country, with a. COM domain name going for as low as N3500 naira only (the cheapest in the country) and a. INFO domain name going for as low as N590 naira, HUB8 provides an all-around affordable pricing and comfortability to its clients to bring their websites to life.


HUB8 WordPress hosting plans is by far the best WordPress web hosting focused plan in the country. With 55 premium themes added for free, coupled with numerous features such as unlimited bandwidth, free .COM.NG domain names, unlimited database, emails and subdomains among other features ALL JUST FOR N490 naira only! You have no excuse for not getting the best value for your money when it comes to web hosting.

HUB8 also offers a normal shared hosting plan that starts from just N250 naira monthly and it shares the same features with the WordPress hosting plans apart from the premium themes.

HUB8 is also well known to have one of the fastest loading speed and up to 99.99% guaranteed uptime on your hosting servers.

HUB8 is keen on providing the best services to Nigeria bloggers and business owner and it has done all it can to provide the most convenient means to achieve this. For all your web hosting and domain needs, you can visit ng.hub8.com to start with.