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Infinix S2 Pro Price, Specs & Review in Nigeria 2019

The first Infinix Wefie Smartphone Camera. What is Wefie – You have to check it out

Infinix Mobile has unveiled their first Smartphone in 2017 and in true Infinix style; The Infinix S2 Pro is a camera centric smartphone that boasts of an ultra-wide selfie angle lens at 135 degrees.

With that said, the S2 Pro is the successor of the highly rated Infinix Hot-S which is dubbed as the most beautiful Smartphone among its peers.

Now, the coolest thing about the S2 Pro is the dual front cameras with 13MP & 8MP lens respectively. With the latter featuring the 135 degrees angle lens for amazing wide selfies.

Without further ado: Stay back, while we delve into the full Specs and Price of this beauty.


Operating system: Android 7.0 (Nougat), HIOS
Processor: 1.5 GHz octa-core processor Mediatek chipset
Colours: Blue, Pink, Gold
SIM Count: Dual SIM
Fingerprint: Yes
Current Price: Between N65,000 to N78,000

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Display: 5.5 inch Touch Display, 1080 x 1920 pixels (244 ppi)


Back Camera: 16MP Camera, Quad Ring flash, HDR
Front Camera: 16MP Camera, Dual LED Flash


Internal Storage: 32 GB Storage
Memory Card Support: Yes (Expandable to 128GB)

Network Support

2G: Yes
3G: Yes
4G LTE: Yes

Battery Storage

Battery: 3200 Li-ion Battery (Non-removable)


S2 Pro design

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Looking at the Infinix S2 Pro, you will notice the revamped design and premium materials used to construct the phone, making it apparently stunning than the Hot S.

S2 Pro

It also comes with a 5.2 inch IPS 1280*720 Pixel display which has a slightly contoured edge that protects the screen from breaking or scratches from inadvertent falls.

The fingerprint scanner is embedded on the back of the device, just an inch below the LED flash.

When it comes to the aesthetic build of the phone, the S2 Pro is perhaps the best I’ve seen. While it features a polished metallic uni-body and contoured edges that would really make users love it.

Overall, Infinix produced a smartphone that is not only good-looking but classic as well.


We stand at the selling point of the Infinix S2 pro. As a matter of fact, the cameras of this device is like nothing we’ve seen in Infinix Smartphones before.

Thanks to the revolutionary camera known as Wefie, the S2 pro is a camera phone users of all kinds would like. Don’t trust? Check out what the wefie can do!

What is Wefie?

The camera is built with two front facing cameras (13MP & 8MP).

The picture below vividly explains what I’m trying to explain.

Source: Tech-ish

From the above picture, you’ll notice the 13MP lens is smaller than the 8MP camera resolution. Well, most people might think it’s probably a design, but far from it, the 8MP is used for taking wide selfies for up to 135 degrees. While the 13MP is used for taking standard selfies.

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With the S2 Pro, you don’t need a selfie stick to take wide pictures. Thanks to the wefie camera, you can easily get the whole crew in a picture without sacrificing anyone’s spot.


Powered by a 1.3GHz and 3GB of RAM, this phone is built for ultra-fast action with less lags and glitches either when multi-tasking or running heavy apps.

In addition, Infinix integrated its customized XOS UI with the Android 6.0 marshmallow for the optimum user satisfaction.

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The battery is armed with a built-in 3000mAh Li-Ion storage. However, users had expected a massive storage for a premium device as this one.


For a premium device like this smartphone. You’d expect an outrageous price. Infinix revealed the official price of the S2 pro and we are surprised that a premium phone come this cheap.

The smartphone is set to start retail between the range of N65,000 to N78,000. If you are looking for an amazing phone with average price and decent specs, go for this device.

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It means for as low as $200 you can have your hands wrapped around the edges of the phone. Now what could be better than that?