Jumia Black Friday 2019 – Black Friday Is HERE!

It’s the Biggest Discount of the Year. If you’ve been saving all year, this is the time to pounce the products on your wishlist

‘Read about the Jumia black Friday sales date in 2019 – best deals and discount you can find in 2019.

There no better time in the year to buy products at almost half their prices than the Jumia black Friday sales day.

Some have saved the whole year just for this day.


The promotion of this year’s Jumia black friday date start from November 8th to 29th of December 2019. I will advise that you bookmark our page so that you don’t forget the date. Yes, the black friday will be one of the biggest events according to Jumia. As confirmed from Jumia, the event will last for 22 days but the special discounts are on fridays when you can win ultimate prices for little to none.

Things you can win are many but not limited to Smart TV, laptops, phones, game console, refrigerators and much more!


I have your hopes high already, isn’t it?

But the question is:

When is the Black Fridays Sales Date?

Yes, you are right, it is not just any Friday.

Black Friday falls on the last Friday of every month in November.

Last year, black Friday was November 9th, this year’s bumper deals and discounts is on November 8th and ends November 29th.

What is the Jumia Black Friday?

Now, what is it in the first place: Black Friday?


Jumia black friday sales 2017

The black Friday is tradition practiced in America a day after thanksgiving day where items are sold for little to no price. Which later spread to other parts of Europe.

Now it has become a global celebration where prices of products are slashed by half their prices, some products are even discounted to an all time low where you can get them for a ridiculously cheap price.

Ideally, Jumia being the biggest E-commerce store in Africa jumped on the trend 4 years ago.

Customers can get the best discounts prices & deals that ranges from mobile, tablets, games & consoles, health, beauty and so much more.

Jumia will offer the best deals you can find on almost all the products in their store.

If you’ve not been saving for this day, you need a new savings bank account dedicated for this purpose.

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Today’s deals are perhaps the best you’ll get, so don’t miss out.  This is the last black Friday day, don’t miss out. Visit the link below and get the best deals ASAP!

ALL JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY DEALS enjoy up to 80% Discount



Jumia Friday Deals will start on the 2nd of November and would run a its course through out the month. However, the  sales will only take its discount effect on Fridays. Meaning these dates: November 9th, 15th, 22nd and November 29th 2019 products prices are slashed to the barest minimum. In fact, Jumia boast up to 80% off.

Black Friday Dates

1st Week 8th November

2nd Week 9th November

3rd Week 16 November

4th Week 23rd November

5th Week 30th November

1st Week 8th November

2nd Week 15th November

3rd Week 22nd November

4th Week 29th November


How to Make Money From the Jumia Sales on Black Friday November 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th 2019?

Do you know that you can make a chunk of money from the Jumia on black Friday?

Wait, I’m not talking of scraps of change here and there. As a matter of fact, you can make huge profits from the black Friday 2019 Jumia sales.

You should know that this is not some quick rich scheme.

Nevertheless, if you take advantage of the Jumia black-Friday sales you can make a meager fortune off it.

Here’s a simple analysis of how you can make money from it:

On black Friday, most of the products will go on sale for half their original price, some products on flash sale may even be sold at 90% discount.

Now, you can buy most products at half their price, some may even sell for less.

You can buy marketable products in bulk and resell them at their normal price.

Go for marketable products cause you wouldn’t want to buy just any product and end up biting the dust.

To avoid such loss, buy products you can sell eventually without much.

Products in the electronic category such as phones, Generators, tablets, Pc accessories tend to have a high market demand which makes it easy to sell. In fact, you can check out some generators here.

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jumia black friday

Black Friday is coming faster than we had expected and it might even pass before we notice

I wrote this article some few months before the main event.

However, if you fail to plan earlier, you might miss out on the best deals Jumia will offer this year and the black Friday will come and pass like nothing ever happened.

Saving money for this purpose will pay off when you choose to plan well ahead of time.

So I’ve made a list of tips that get you prepared for the 2019 Jumia bumper deals and discounts.

7 tips to win this Jumia black friday event:

Don’t just whip out your wallet and go on a spending spree. Be meticulous please.

1. First things first. Draft a list of items you will like to purchase by making a scale of preference of what you need. (Smartphone’s, TV sets, Game consoles, shoes, clothing and just about anything)

2. Narrow down your list to be precise on what you want to buy. Having much on your list can get you confused and while you can also end up buying items you need.

3. Keep some cash specially for the event.

4. Capitalize on flash sale deals as they are the best deals you can get.

5. Make sure you have a good internet connection so that you don’t miss flash sales. (Check out some good Plans from Glo Nigeria and Airtel)

6. Visit Jumia site 30 minutes before the events start by 12 am when most of the bumper deals are revealed.

7. Be smart enough to choose only what you need.

Finally, You should stick to our site and check it often so that you don’t miss out on the latest update about the Jumia Black Friday Sales in 2019.

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How to Buy From Jumia On Black Friday!

Simply log on to www.jumia.com.ng. You’ll find amazing deals displayed on the homepage.

Click on  buy and choose method of payment.

It’s as easy making kunu!