Lenovo Yoga 300 Convertible and Flexible PC: Review

Lenovo Yoga 300 is everything a geek needs. Yoga takes different styles, it takes the shape of a PC, when folded it takes shape of a tablet, Tent and stand add to Lenovo’s specification.

The distinctive design and capacity touch screen display, held in the Body hardware allows the screen to flip around 360.  Its flexibility gives users the liberty to twist Yoga 300 in every direction based on what you prefer.

Lenovo Yoga 300

Lenovo is powered by Windows latest version, which runs smoothly. The new Intel Pentium processor makes multi task run effortlessly, rest assured, Yoga 300 tends to the trouble of playing HD games, intel core makes sure of this. On a scale, Lenovo yoga 300 weighs 3.0lb and 0.85 thin. It’s perfect for users on the go, and with up to 8hours of lasting battery, you can take the risk of leaving you charger at home.

The Yoga 300 speakers’ booms rich, quality sound emitted through Dolby home theater, which provides the perfect beats to your delight.