LG Launches Mosquito Repellent TV Sets

I hate mosquitoes!. I can’t help but notice extraordinary leap in entirely new concept to kill Mosquitoes. LG’ s Electronics new technology leaves imprints in your mind, and trust me,  LG TV Mosquito repellent first impression lasts.

The new project called Mosquito Away Technology precedes the name. A multi-purpose TV set which used both as TV and ward off Mosquito repellent. How is this possible?.  Ultrasonic sound waves does all the work, while you relax and enjoy the comfort of LG’s haven.

We humans can’t hear the sounds, the frequency levels are extremely low, and so you need not to worry about discomfort from watching television.  The Korean giant’s mosquito technology works when the TV set is on or off.

The TV sets are available in 43-inch and 32-inch models, priced at $ 706 and 394 respectively.  Targeted consumers are somewhat Low-income areas, who live in regions that harbor mosquitoes which may likely spread malaria and dengue.