Meet The Fastest UFS Memory Card Made by Samsung

Universal flash storage also Known as (UFS) Memory cards are prepared to make an entrance. According to recent reports, UFS is coming sooner than earlier speculated. The new Memory card will be five times faster compared to normal MicroSD Card. This point of action reveals Samsung budding commitment in improving both hardware and software components of Android Smartphones.

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The UFS removable MicroSD cards appear in 32GB, 68GB, and 128GB variants.UFS cards speeds effortlessly runs 530 megabytes per second read speed with a write speed of 170megabytes per second. Samsung revealed that  UFS can read a 5GB HD movie in less than 10seconds which trounces the 50second processing 95MB/s on a UHS-1 MicroSD card which are Normal SD cards

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Samsung New Ultra fast Memory card will be able to take multiple commands without slow queuing process. That said, Universal flash storage cards are designed effectively to contain 3D resolution playback, 3D gaming, enhance high resolution pictures taken with High end smartphones,360 degree cameras and drones.

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However, the fear that Samsung radical SD comes at the expense of battery life due to its High performance is a thing of past. Universal flash storage is equipped with lower power requirement that will address such concern.