Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn For 26.2 Billion

Microsoft are about to acquire the professional social network giant LinkedIn valued at 26.2billion. The company is reportedly going to make the purchase of Whatsapp less exciting for those who thought no company would be zealous to cough out such wholesome amount  for a social Media network.

To add more taste to the broth, the bid is an all cash transaction, with shares valued at 198 dollars.

The Bill gates company, will not revamp LinkedIn brand, however the incumbent CEO Jeff Weiner will stay put and report directly to Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella.

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Nadella had this to say in a video published on Microsoft’s YouTube channel. She said the main aim of LinkedIn acquirement is to empower every person and organization on the planet, with the aid of Microsoft office 365 and LinkedIn.

Microsoft in recent years purchase was Skype and Nokia in 2011 valued at 8.5billion, 7.5billion respectively. The company saga with Nokia was a fruitless one. We do hope their new venture will be fruitful.