MTN Starts 4G LTE Roll Out Across Nigeria

MTN 4G is around the corner. Just wait, is 4G LTE wireless broadband 4 times faster than 3G. No actually 4G is ten times faster than 3G. The download speed ranges between 5 and 12Mbps and upload speed between 2 and 5 Mbps. What will one do with such lightning speed download? I’d probably download a whole thriller series in quantum seconds. I will leave the rest of the bidding in your hands.

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Word on the Internet is MTN has started pushing 4G LTE across different states in the country. MTN Nigeria acquired visafone, in a bid to bring 4G LTE availability in Nigeria homes. Amidst criticism the South African led company went ahead to buy visafone. With their aim nearly achieved

According to a blog post on Techsuplex, 4G simcard are on sale, and fortunate users who buy an MTN simcard within this period, might have had the new 4G service alternative. Although MTN Nigeria is yet to announce 4G’s very existence, Users have seen a new service option for 4G LTE which goes further to back this assertion.

Despite the signal, Customers can’t make use of the feature at least for now. The telecommunication giant’s 4G coming has been waited upon for months counting. What seemed to have been the present is the future of the past; is now within arm’s reach. I and super sanusi wait. Anxiously!