New Android N Features Users Should Be Happy About

Android N OS is set to become the next Android successor to the Marshmallow. Prior to Android release, much anticipated features are expected to surface when the Google’s new OS launches. The Google I/O shared some amazing features, while the OS still remains without an official name. The brilliant features are too impressive not to talk about. Let’s take a look at the top new features of the Android N OS.

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Multi tasking

We can’t list extraordinary Android new feature without adding Multi tasking to the discussion.  This feature has been rumored since last year, but has failed to make it to marshmallow version. Despite that, Android is assuredly bringing Multi-tasking to android.


In contrast Apple IOS multi-tasking can only used in portrait mode. Android multi-task is used in both portrait and landscape mode as well. This has been the most awaited feature where you can open multi apps running on the same screen.

Virtual Reality

virtual reality

Google beat Apple to first land virtual reality to Android users.  Virtual comes to live on android on Android N OS.  The Google Company has collaborated with Netflix, EA and Ubisoft for creating enhanced VR content for their devices

Keyboard themes


The android N OS, comes with a revamped keyword, with varieties of Keyboard theme to choose from. Google has updated their devices with improved features and updates, with the Launch of Android N, things keep getting better.

So here you have it. What are your favorite features introduced to the Android N OS? Let your comment be heard.


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