New Motorola V3: Introduces Foldable Phones

Motorola, now being among  leading brands for Android phones, recently dropped a video that has really got my attention. It should get yours too, because Motorola are going back to an Old age, foldable designed phones.

Motorola V3

The new Motorola V3, supports a 13MP camera. According to reports, the Motorola V3s design will be the next flagship of the upcoming Smartphone generation Moto Z.  Nevertheless, Moto Z will feature a more sleek design, and a slit change in Software features. The Moto V3 fly is super thin; Motorola is taking a bold step to attract users, using a flipped designed phone. V3 is expected to come with Android Marshmallow already preinstalled.

Motorola’s plan to attract users is well strategized. Users in search of New Smartphone design will not only find Motorola V3 fitting but amazing. On the other hand Users who look for bigger screen Smartphone’s may not find the V3 interesting.

The new design may be a game changer in the Smartphone market, but it might as well fail. I can’t wait to hold Motorola’s next flagship, I can feel the tingling nostalgia. This begs the saying, old habits die-hard.