Nigerian President Buhari Joins Nairaland

Justice has been served. Finally, the digital Strategy and Engagement unit of President buhari lead by Tolu ogunlesi has taken to twitter to announce, the Nigerian President Official account on Nairaland.

To begin with, Nairaland is the biggest indigenous forum in Nigeria. The reason for this move is rather planned, considering the fact that there’s no better Platform to know the country’s problems for a site that’s liberally vocal.

In a blog post, Osarumen osamuyi a writer on Tech cabal described the present Government with a scenario titled Nigeria’s Presidency is now in the Lions dens on Nairaland.

Although he understands the Government frantic measure down rightly the problems aired out straight from the horse’s mouth.

In osarumen’s view, the presidents audacious move is rather risky than witty. Seriously Osarumen? I mean for any country in Nigeria’s shoes the least our Government can do is engage, and share the pain of the masses. But for a country like ours, Opinion of the masses generally falls on deaf ears.

Nairaland will shower hell and brimstone on the president. I feel pity for president Buhari, knowing that his voice willpower be drowned in rains of insult trailing every Post the digital strategy and Engagement unit of the president makes.

On behalf of Osarumen and those who really care about the president, we beg you PMB not to join the treads on Nairaland.