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Top Online Stores Review In Nigeria 2020 {Online Shopping Sites Review}

Coming Right At You Are The Best Online Stores In Nigeria…

We’d be reviewing the top online shopping sites in Nigeria.

Over the years, online shopping has taken over the driving seat in the nation. All thanks to the constant improvements and innovation by different online stores, we can gladly say that. Shopping of items in different categories such as fashion, computing, mobile, appliances, food, groceries and many more have been made easy on the internet through these online stores.

Before I make progress, this article was concocted to shine more light on the already established online stores in the nation. I’m pretty sure that’s what you’re here for.

As I was saying, the innovation made by these e-commerce stores have been well received across the nation. I mean, gone are the days when you have to travel long distances to purchase items. Now, from the opening of an app and clicking of few touchscreen keypads, the items arrive at your doorstep. Tell me, isn’t that stress-free?

That reminds me of an African adage (in Yoruba language) that says: What you have in your pocket, you went looking for it far away.

Well, this is the case of people that travel far to get items that can be gotten right on their beds.

Pleasantly, just like opening accounts on social media, these online stores are easy to register with. To order an item, the individual has to be a registered user.

The registration will include personal details which includes full name, e-mail address and shipping address. After that, the item is searched for, selected, paid for and then the good gets delivered to your doorstep. The mode of payment can either be Payment through debit cards or Pay on delivery.

In that stead, we’ve put together the top online stores in the country that can make your shopping experience better. Therefore, let’s take a comprehensive look at these online stores below:



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Taking the title “Nigeria’s number 1 shopping destination”, Jumia has continued its dominance in the e-commerce aspect of things in the nation. As we speak, according to Alexa rankings, Jumia’s website ranks number 8 amidst most visited websites in Nigeria. This automatically places it on top of the list of most visited online stores in the nation. It has also created thousands of jobs for Nigerians in the process.

Founded in 2012, the eMall has built a stronghold in the nation, and has given birth to several subsidiaries like the Jumia Market and Jumia Travel.

As a matter of fact, the discounts and offers given by the platform has drawn even more attention to the retail store. Adding to that, Jumia has established an impressive affiliate marketing program to further enhance its popularity, hence its sales also.

Amazingly, not only Jumia sells products on the platform, you can also become a registered seller on the platform. Want to know how? Check out their website here.


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If any online retail store is to come close to Jumia, it’ll definitely be Konga. Konga is an online retail store that deals in the sales of items ranging from phones, tablets, wears, shoes, laptops and what have you across the nation.

Also founded in the year 2012, Konga has instituted it’s name as a reliable e-commerce platform in the country. It is worthy of note that Konga was established by a Nigerian – Sim Shagaya.

Coupons and fresh offers are the order of the day on this platform. Just like Jumia, users can also register on the Konga website to sell their products.

Konga offers pay on delivery option as well if users aren’t too secure about paying online.

Pay Porte

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Avid fans of Big Brother Naija will instantly exclaim positively once they see Pay Porte. This is due to no other reason than the online store being the official sponsor of Big Brother Naija 2018 tagged “Double Wahala”. The partnership also existed in the 2017 sophomore edition of Big Brother Naija tagged “See Gobe”.

Electronic appliances, clothes, phones, tablets, wristwatches, shoes, accessories and a host of others are sold on this platform.

Launched on September 25, 2014, the e-commerce store has made headway to the point of being recognized as the Ecommerce Company of the Year by the CBN Cashless CardExpo Africa in 2016.

You can experience the shopping experience by either visiting the Pay Porte website or downloading the app on your Android or iOS devices.


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Founded by Nnamdi Ezeigbo, Slot deals in sales of tech gadgets such as phones, tablets, accessories and computers. Having its headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos, the online retail store has several offline retail outlets in the country. Having said that, you can check out the official website of the store to make your purchase.


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Yudala is a reputable brand in the e-commerce world that specializes in the sales of tech gadgets, wines and spirits, fashion, computing and power related items such as generators. As an innovative feature of the brand, a section of the website is tagged “5k store”. It features items that are below NGN 5,000.

More so, Yudala has made artists such as Naeto C, Iyanya (both 2015) and Frank Edwards (2016) its brand ambassadors.


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Interestingly, DealDey is a pidgin word with “available deal” as its English translation. That’s exactly the goal of the e-commerce store – to connect customers with amazing deals from business merchants. Down to the basics, the online store provides even the best deals for meals. You just can’t find any difficulty in grabbing the best deals in phones, accessories, fashion items and what have you.

Founded in 2011, the platform situates its headquarters in the economic central of Nigeria – Lagos. Interesting enough, the same founder of Konga is also the Executive Chairman of Dealdey.


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Just like Jumia and Konga, Kara has been in the game for a long time. Keeping up the pace in the e-commerce world, Kara presents fresh discounts from time to time on items sold on the platform such as men’s wears, shoes, women and kids wears, smartphones and PCs just to mention a few.


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Jiji is an online marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers of mostly fairly used items. The platform creates an avenue for sellers to post ads about the products, and then meet up with the buyers at safe and secured places to sell the products.


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OLX works in the same fashion as Jiji, in fact, it came into existence in Nigeria before Jiji. However, its popularity has taken a slight knock after the former’s high penetration into the Nigerian market.


In conclusion, online stores in Nigeria have really come a long way as customers’ trust and confidence in their services have helped them become better. So, get rid of that phobia whenever you’re thinking of buying items online.