Prepaway – What Makes VMware 2V0-620 Exam Popular Among IT Professionals?

There are many reasons why IT professionals relentlessly upgrade their profiles―from career advancement to salary increment to personal fulfilment. All these benefits makeup to the popularity of certification exams. Certification exams are your gateway to a more successful IT career.

And for those who are unsure of what certification exam to take, VMware offers a broad range of exams that unlocks your fundamental skills on a certain topic and further polishes you to become an expert professional. And if you want to make sure that you get the best of the best, the Prepaway Exam through its 2V0-620 exam is a top-notch choice. As one of the most in-demand VMware certification exams, this entry-level certification can surely help you shape your IT career.

Without any delay, let’s sort out the reasons why VMware 2V0-620 holds that distinguished reputation among IT professionals.

Provides foundational knowledge vSphere environments

To begin with, VMware 2V0-620 exam demonstrates the basic ins and outs of vSphere environments. It gives fundamental knowledge about vSphere Architecture and Solutions, vCenter Server, ESXi, vSphere Networking and vSphere Distributed Switches. Not only that, the certification exam discusses topics about vSS and vDS Features, VMFS and NFS Datastores, Virtual Machines, vApps and VMware Clusters. With the rather extensive objectives, candidates are sure to be exposed to more complex yet constructive learning.

Harnesses your vSphere technical skills

One of the best things you gain after passing the exam is your proficiency in vSphere. This gives you more practical comprehension about vSphere environments, which you can use during the exam and when you apply for a job. Some of the valuable technical skills you’ll acquire include effectively deploying vSphere settings, installing Prepaway and ESXi and configuring vSphere Networking and Storage. These skills are quite perplexing, especially if you just self-study. The most effective way to verify your technical prowess is by completing VMware 2V0-620 exam.

Gives you an edge among other job applicants


Employers do consider certified professionals as the cream of the crop. This means that if you have the VMware’s vSphere 6 Foundations Exam on your job application, then you’ll have a greater chance to be shortlisted by the recruiters. Employers know that passing a certification exam like VMware 2V0-620 is no joke. It takes passion and perseverance to completely attain it. There’ll be lots of sacrifices along the way―from the exam preparation to the exam itself. As a result, many companies award applicants whom they know are persistent and hardworking for the upgrade of their careers. This exam is truly a great investment.

Boosts up your salary range

Also, one of the many benefits you’ll secure after accomplishing 2V0-620 exam is the improvement in your salary. Aside from that coveted priority badge, some recruiters also provide an advantage to VMware certification holders through bigger job remuneration. It is true that most companies award the efforts of certified professionals through monetary compensation. It is because they know the sacrifices―physical, mental and financial―that each candidate has to go through to pass the exam. No wonder this is used by many IT professionals as a step ladder in their IT careers to learn more and earn more.

Opens up a lot of IT opportunities

Passing the VMware exams are vital for your career. With VMware 2V0-620 exam, you are assured of a bright career with a lot of job opportunities. Undeniably, VMware is one of the top picks when it comes to server virtualization and it has continued to dominate the IT industry with its VMware solutions and certifications. And for this particular VMware certification exam, which is highly intended for system administrators and system engineers, there are other job positions you can focus on. Many organizations are looking for professionals who have the skills to install, manage and support VMware products in different environments. Hence, it would not be very difficult to look for a job that is in line with your experience and certification. Plus, you can also use this credential to jump into other notable certifications for the improvement of your IT career.

How to Pass the Exam?

Exam Format and Passing Score

After gathering all the reasons why VMWare 2V0-620 is so popular and you have decided to try your luck in this certification exam, then here’s a quick breakdown of the exam format, intended audience and study materials.

VMWare 2V0-620 is a non-proctored exam that comprises of 65 questions, to be finished within 115 minutes. It is an online exam in single and multiple choice format. For you to pass the exam, you need to acquire at least 300 from the scale of 100-500.

Intended Audience

Even if VMWare 2V0-620 is a foundational exam, it focuses on those candidates with at least 6 months of experience related to vSphere implementation. In particular, the certification is intended to infrastructure personnel who already have a background in ESXi Hosts, VMware vCenter Server and virtual machines. Also, it is ideal if these aspirants have other industry-noted certifications to back up their experience.

Study Materials

To completely cover all the exam topics, VMware sets out a series of training courses that discuss the main objectives as well as a fast-track review of the entire exam to check your readiness. Not only that, there are lots of online practice tests, including VMware’s own vSphere 6 Foundations Exam Practice. And if you are looking for a more intensive way to verify your skills, there’s PrepAway―a renowned website offering 2V0-620 Premium Bundle that already includes a study guide, training course and practice tests with reliable questions and answers.


Does VMware’s vSphere 6 Foundations Exam appeal to you? If yes, then waste no time and start studying. Polish your career and prove your dedication in your craft at the same time. Eyes on your goals and conquer VMware 2V0-620 exam like a pro!