Ps4 Neo Is The Most Powerful Console Yet

Power packed Ps4 Neo will make its  way to our table before the end of 2016. The very existence of Neo wasn’t concrete until Sony’s Andrew house confirmed to the claim before E3 Conference.

The Ps4 Neo rumored specifications; sleek design, clear cut graphics enhanced by 4k view further adds icing on the cake.  Microsoft on the other Hand are coming fully strong, at least the Project Scorpio promises the most powerful console ever made. We will have to wait patiently for Microsoft next generation, before then, hold this claim with a grain of salt.

Scorpio is scheduled for an early release in 2017. The Neo is assuredly coming to the console market this year; no official announcement has been made though. Should the Sony’s new console see the light of day this year, then we are in for another ride with Sony’s console.