S health Samsung’s Fitness App New Update Makes Fitness Competitive

With over 150 million users across all genre or brands of Smartphone’s, if you happen to be a music and fitness lover both genre and brand will work in that regard.

Samsung’s S health is one of the best fitness trackers on the Android OS, if not the best. Although new fitness apps are coming up for a fight of Fitness supremacy, Samsung is setting the standard high. The new updates may force you to get stuck with Samsung for a while.


If you lack the morale to keep up with fitness, we all know how disheartening it might be to workout alone. Well we’ve got good news which Samsung brings Steps challenge, a feature that lets you compare your activity against your friends.

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In a case where you become too good for your friends to match up the kilometers you cover. You can take the competition to the steps Global leaderboard were you compete alongside fierce opponents. Other features like All steps counts; now allows users to view all their steps across devices.

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Why don’t you update your android and explore other cool features S health tags along with.