Samsung Bendable Smartphones Are Coming A Lot Sooner Than Late

Samsung Electronics Co. are full of wrapped surprises unveiled at  every Mobile word congress. Word on the internet is Samsung is poised to produce bendable, flexible, innovative Smartphones. You can call Samsung bendable smartphones whatever, but it doesn’t fall short of Amazing.

Firstly, Wrapped in a box was a curvy feature incorporated on the galaxy series called Edge; the name precedes a positioned setting on the Korean giants Flagships for two years now. Inside this box filled with surprise, is a new transformable bendable mobile Smartphone placed in the rings to knock rivals out of an overcrowded market littered with promising features in Smartphones.

That said, Samsung has taken the stands, warming itself up for the race to bring bendable Phones to the market before competitors emerge. The device will be using Light emitting diodes which could be unveiled as soon as 2017. Codenamed “project valley,”   reportedly unveiling two devices ready for early release around February 2017, when the Mobile World Congress kicks in.

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The two models is believed to be a 5-inch Smartphone that unfurl into an 8-inch tablet showing a mark of Project valley’s foldable, bendable, rollable model before the official release. This move is a tactical move by Samsung considering its dip in turnover in past years, Perhaps bendable devices may bend tables in Samsung’s favor against fierce competitors presumably Iphone. Did I mention Iphone? Yes I did.