Sony New Flagship Leaked In Pictures

Sony Smartphones broke through HTC and Samsung dominance through the Z series, which not far from now became futile. It means the Japanese company will bring in a new device sooner or later. Although Sony is largely famous for creating the Ps4, their innovative prowess doesn’t end there, the Japanese company showcases her diversity in console, Tv and Smartphone expertise.


Some leaked pictures of Sony’s new series shows what we may have as the Japanese next Gen smartphones. Owing to poor regional sales of the Z series, largely as result to the Hiked price of the phone. The company left in floundering poor regional sales, called it quit with Z series.

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The new leaked pictures reveals a phone, allegedly, named  F8331. The phone comes with curved edges, however the Top and bottom are rock flat. A 5 inch screen size and resolution 1080p is featured.Atop the phone a 3.5mm jack visibly sported. volume rockers are at the bottom right corner located next to NFC chip. A type C USB comes on board, which remains the Smartphones best feature revealed yet.

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Sony next Generation Flagship is expected to be unveiled at the IFA 2016 in September.

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