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Spectranet Selfcare: Everything You Need to Know about Spectranet Services

Learn about the Spectranet Selfcare portal, how to use it and pay for cable Tv subscription without a hassle.

Before Network providers started rolling out 4G LTE services, Spectranet were, in fact, the only 4G LTE internet providers in Nigeria making them first 4G LTE providers in the country.

Before 4G LTE:

In addition, Spectranet has one of the most unswerving and wide internet bandwidth coverage across the country.

However, the Spectranet is only available across major cities in Nigeria amongst in which Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja & Port Harcourt are benefactors of their services.

Although their Internet service isn’t nationwide, Spectranet has promised imminent roll out of their service across various cities in Nigeria.


What is the Spectranet Selfcare Platform?

According to their official site, The Spectranet 4G LTE Self-care account is a portal where users can view their personal account and account activities at any time of the day.

In simple words, This means that the self-care platform is designed to help users view their remaining data plan balance, monitor data usage, and view the data expiry date and renew data plans.

The Selfcare is the dashboard where all the necessary information about your subscription and activities are displayed.

Thanks to their reliable and affordable services, homes and businesses are benefiting from their superb & unparalleled 4G LTE internet service.

How To Login & Check Data Balance on Spectranet Portal

For Active Users

  1. Click the Link Here. You’ll be directed to the Selfcare official page.
  2. A page will be displayed where you will be required to Enter your username and password.
  3. Enter your username and password and click on “Sign in”

How to Login For New Users

  1. Click on the link above.
  2. Enter the default username and password that was issued to you at the spectranet office.
  3. After you login, you’ll be notified to change the default password.
  4. Change the default password to a new one you will use it for subsequent logins.

Note: You should know that a default username and password will be issued at the spectranet office.

This will enable you to access the portal anytime. Also, you can change both username and password if you wish to.

How to Pay For Spectranet Self Service Subscription

To pay for the spectranet self-service subscription, follow the step by step guide below;

Basically, there are four ways to make payment on selfcare:

  • In person
  • Online
  • Recharge Voucher
  • Bank Payment – Kindly use the various banks and their account number to pay into Spectranet account.
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After you are done with payment, scan the payment teller or screenshot of the valid transaction and send it to their official email  to authenticate your payment.

Click on this Link and follow the steps in making payment on the self-care platform.

How to Create a New Password to Spectranet 4G LTE Self care

If you’ve forgotten your self-care password, you can easily create a new password one by following the tutorials below:

  1. Click on the forget password link on your selfcare login screen.
  2. Input your username.
  3. Enter the characters that will be displayed in the security image.
  4. Click on “Submit
  5. After you click on submit, you will receive a temporary password via SMS and Email.
  6. Input the temporary password.
  7. You can now access your self-care account.

Note: Spectranet recommends users to change their login password every month.

Finally, thanks for reading about the Spectranet Self-Care, if you have any questions please use the comment box below. We will get back to you.




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