Tecno Camon CX Price in Nigeria in 2017: Specs and Review

Read the unbiased review on the Tecno Camon CX Pics, Specs and Price in Nigeria.

After the release of successful phones like; the PhonePad 3 and L9 plus, Tecno shows no sign of stopping as they released their latest Flagship the Camon CX aka (Tecno Camon C9).

The flagship also comes with a lesser variant known as Tecno Camon CX Air. You can check out the specs and price here.

Now the phone is perhaps, the sleekest and most beautiful Smartphone that will come from the Chinese-led company in 2017.

Kaluka Wanjala’s  review on the Camon CX is one of the best. You can check it out here.

Looking at the design of the phone, you’ll mistake it for an iPhone which is not wrong at all. However, the highlight of the phone comes in the cameras quality. The phone is armed with 16 MP on the rear and on the front.

Without a doubt, the CX is a camera centric Smartphone for the slay kings and slay queens. You’ll enjoy the improved lens and aperture that offers the best shots even in poor lit environment.

For a phone that’s as low as $300 the features it holds is out of this world. Think otherwise? Buy this phone and be the judge on that.

But before we go further, here’s our verdict on the phone.


Why you should buy the Camon CX
Great design
Powerful internal processor
Flawless cameras


Caveat: You should know that is my opinionated view.

Insufficient internal storage – at 16GB I really expected more from Tecno.

2GB RAM – Considering how phone giants have been adopted large RAM for their phones, the CX should have come with something bigger.

For a first rate phone like the CX, 2GB RAM is not sufficient to run heavy apps.


Operating system: Android 7.0 (Nougat), HIOS
Processor: 1.5 GHz octa-core processor Mediatek chipset
Colours: Blue, Pink, Gold
SIM Count: Dual SIM
Fingerprint: Yes
Current Price: Between N65,000 to N75,000

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Display: 5.5 inch Touch Display, 1080 x 1920 pixels (244 ppi)


Back Camera: 16MP Camera, Quad Ring flash, HDR
Front Camera: 16MP Camera, Dual LED Flash


Internal Storage: 16 GB Storage
Memory Card Support: Yes (Expandable to 128GB)

Network Support

2G: Yes
3G: Yes
4G LTE: Yes

Internet & Connectivity

3G: Yes
USB Port: Yes
Wi-Fi Hotspot: Yes


Instant Messaging: Yes


Music Player: Yes
FM Radio: Yes
Loudspeaker: Yes
Video Player: Yes
Headphone Jack: Yes

Battery Storage

Battery: 3200 Li-ion Battery (Non-removable)

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Tecno camon cx pics


As I’ve said earlier, the design of the phone is ripped partly from the iPhone. It also features a 5.5-inch display screen with a resolution of 1080*1920 (one of the highest resolutions you can find on a Tecno Smartphone).

The 5.5-inch display boasts of a 2.5D protection that’s resistant to minor falls and scratches. As a result, the phone has a slight curve at the edge making it look iPhone like.


By far and large the most incredible feature of the CX is the Camera quality.

Straight out of the box, the phone comes with a combo 16MP camera both at the rear and on the front. Rest assured, you can get the best out of both cameras.

The camera comes with lots of additional features that will make other phones camera in its category inferior.

Thanks to the front cameras zero lag shutter precision allowing users to capture objects/humans in motion. Furthermore, Tecno put in much effort to the beautification effect that optimized for different skin tones especially the dark ones.

When users thought the back camera couldn’t get better than the Camon C9, Tecno utilized the ring flash using four bright flashes to increase the picture brightness and quality.

Up the back camera sleeve comes the High Dynamic Range Mode (HDR). Primarily incorporated to give users a taste of how phone camera can do the job of a DSLR camera. The HDR mode enables users to capture HD photos by creating a quality balance in bright and low light environment.

Finally, we have nothing against the camera features. In fact, Tecno suppose to receive more praise than it has for bringing a digital camera in the form of a Smartphone!


Camon CX Pics

Tecno Camon CX is powered by an ultra-fast 1.5GHz octa-core processor and coupled with the 2GB RAM you can enjoy the smooth action of heavy apps & games from the comfort of your Smartphone.

The phone runs the latest Android v7 (Nougat). Unlike their previous releases this year; we can give it up to Tecno for equipping their flagship with the Nougat. Impressive!


camon cx battery

The shortcoming of the phone is with the 3200mAh battery. Fans had really expected a massive battery storage.

Nevertheless, the phone make use of an efficient battery saver that makes up for insufficient storage. In addition to this, the phone features a quick charge feature that shortens charging time.


There is now an official price to the CX in Nigeria. However, according to a reliable source, the phone price is pitched within the range of N65,000 to N75,000. The Price varies depending from where you purchase the smartphone from

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If you ask me that’s a decent price for a Smartphone which packs all the goodies you’ll want from a high-end device.


The Camon Cx is one of the best Tecno phones yet. For customers that want a smartphone out of the ordinary, this phone is your bet.


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Brand Name
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Camon CX
Naira N70,000 to N90,000
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Burmese - a few months ago

this is a lovely cell phone, why havent i heard of it

    Jon - a couple of months ago

    Maybe because you’ve been living under a rock? News of the launch that was everywhere!

princessx - a few months ago

my first time in this blog, like how its designed

    Faceless J - a couple of months ago

    I say the same. I was honestly taken by the design of the page at first, then the crystal clear picture quality used also helped.

Xhalim - a few months ago

the price if the camon cx is just a little too much, dollar maybe

Aabdoo - a few months ago

I think you should update the price. Got mine for 64k and this is the best phone I’ve ever had. Glad i bought it

    Moses Dzarmah - a few months ago

    Hi Aabdoo, thanks for the heads up. I sure will update the price.

    The camon Cx is a nice phone, the price and quality of the phone is something you can’t beat.

      Ivvy - a couple of months ago

      mmmm, the phantom 6 plus does it for me

    xhalim - a couple of months ago

    just what i wanna see, the greatness of the phone cannot be over emphasized

kumar - a couple of months ago

For the specs the Camon CX is quite affordable. Been using it for a while. Enjoying the experience so far.

behankey - a couple of months ago

This is detailed. Superb phone with a beautiful design. Has great cameras too.

    Faceless J - a couple of months ago

    The fact that it comes with the Android N preinstalled is a kill. Makes the phone less boring, as compared to other Tecno products.

Scarycuteface - a couple of months ago

You have to love this phone.Especially picture lovers, this was made for them. Produces beautiful images.

    Fella Lawson - a couple of months ago

    The babes, especially, would be the ones to rush it.

Olusegunade - a couple of months ago

One of the best smartphones already this year. And it’s affordable too. Close to 65k.

Fella Lawson - a couple of months ago

Very interesting review.

Faceless J - a couple of months ago

The shape and look of the phone is just a mad brain buster.

TJKAY - a couple of months ago

I really can’t wait to see what TECNO wants to come with the remaining half of the year. The main Flagship. I smell something magnificent cooking.

Paolo - a couple of months ago

Tecno really did well on this one, it’s not everyday you see a phone with such an amazing camera, a beautiful body and some special features that still costs 65k or thereabouts. They did well tbh

Deji - a couple of months ago

Tecno are definitely here to stay. The 4G feature of this phone is what makes me really like it all the more, the camera is as expected!!!

Davido - a couple of months ago

I don’t think the cons are really all that, because even though the ROM is 16GB, you get to use 9GB of that 16, the best you’ll get from some phones is 8GB, not to forget you can expand it with a memory card.

Pip - a couple of months ago

That 2GB of RAM that Tecno stuck into the device would be one of the most limiting features of the camon. Well, that and the internal memomry.

They should have done better than this na!

    Funmilayo - a couple of months ago

    But it’s expandable up to 128GB with an SD now

Mathias Amodu - a couple of months ago

Nice device

ibraheem s natatu - a couple of months ago

high quality,quantity,performance,durability,fastest, more enjoyable, buy Tecno phones especially camon cx

Olasubomi - a couple of months ago

Except for the battery which I think a lot of people expected to be more than what it is, the CX is a game changer.

    aabdoo - last month

    though the 3200mah battery might seem small on paper, but it is actually very impressive. i have the phone and battery life is not an issue.

aabdoo - last month

the camon is a reallynice device. Been using it for a while and its very good. battery is good too.

esther - last month

A friend of mine just got hers today,said she got it at 47,000


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