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UBA Transfer Codes & How To Check UBA Account Balance

How to Transfer UBA Funds with Mobile

Learn everything you have to know about UBA Transfer code.

Transferring money has never been easier. Some years back, people had to hand out cheques which was quite hard for banks to process. Technology made money transfer electronic by the introduction of ATM. However, people don’t have access to the machine at their convenience.

UBA transfer code came to the rescue – part of the mobile banking system. It allows UBA customers to make inter-bank transfer. In addition, you get to send funds to other banks from your device (Smartphone, Laptop, tablet) from the comfort of your sofa.

UBA Transfer Code –Transfer Money via UBA Money Transfer Code

transfer code

First things first:

Before you can use the transfer code to send funds, make sure the SIM is registered by the bank as your official number.

So here are different codes for different transactions:

To transfer money from UBA, Dial *919# and follow the onscreen options.

To transfer money to other banks, simply Dial *919*32#

Transfer money to any UBA prepaid card of choice by Dialing *919*32#

Airtime to up for self *901*Amount#

How to Check UBA Account Balance Via SMS

After transferring money, it’s only ideal you check your balance. But most people get hooked up here.

So to check your uba bank balance via mobile, Dial *919*00#


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