YouTube Bring Mobile Live streaming To YouTube App

Live streaming is a trend. I mean with live streaming, you wouldn’t have to leave Lagos for a seminar in Maiduguri. That’s if, there’s an online stream option now called webinar. The fact is Twitter through periscope and Facebook’s venture adds to Mobile solutions amidst the growing Social market boom.

One could wonder why YouTube the biggest Video storehouse had to leave it late to announce the birth of Mobile streaming to users, until now. Nevertheless, live stream feature will be much welcomed with open arms.  In YouTube’s blog post, streaming will be activated by hitting a red button in the app, I assume a new updated version should have live stream ready.

Furthermore, the videos will be searchable by users, but can also be set to private, so only people with the unique link will be able to engage in live streaming. YouTube dropped an egotistical comment, vowing with Peerless Infrastructure; live streams will be lightning fast and more reliable than its rivals. We do hope so, I hope so.