5 Best Apps on Spying Someone’s Phone in 2020

5 Best Apps on Spying Someone’s Phone in 2020

If you are running a business and you are feeling there is something fishy about the employee you trusted with the big assignment or one of your employees is hovering over the administrative cabins for no reason and is increasingly interested in the secrets of the company which does not concern him, this must ring the bell.

One way to know the truth is to take a peek into their phones by hacking the devices. So now if the company provides the phones to its employees, you can easily hack the devices without any legal problems. In this article you will find out the top five ways you can use to hack any phone without ever exposing your identity.


With Minspy you can fulfill your dream of full spying someone’s phone from a distance. Minspy is the software which works from any web browser without the need to install any application on your device.

Minspy has the technology to hack both the iPhone and the android devices.

If the device you want to hack is an android, you have to find a way to physically access the device for a few minutes and it is a must to install the Minspy app in the android device you want to spy on. After installation is done you can hide the app from the device; it will not require you to have high tech expertise. After that the app will work in the background without disturbing or heating the device. The space occupied by the app is barely noticeable.

If the device is an iPhone, there is another good news for you. You must have the iCloud credentials of the device because your company provided the phone to your employees so just enter those credentials and merge the iCloud server with all the data of the phone to your Minspy account.

How to spy on a mobile phone with Minspy

For making Minspy your personally hired detective you have to buy the subscription for a month after signing up for an account. You can use Minspy’s hacking services by logging into Minspy account by entering the credentials. It is web based and can work from any web browser you are using.


To make it easy for you step by step guidelines have been provided for you.

Step 1:

First thing you need is an internet connection and a device where you can search for and after that you will be directed to the official site of Minspy. You have to first make an account by entering the email address and the password.


Step 2

After signing up specify the device you want to hack. You can let the Minspy know about the device by providing the information about the device and the user.

After specification, choose the plan according to your requirements. If it is just one employee or only one device you want to hack, the premium version will do the work for you. If you want to hack multiple devices because it is possible that your employee is using another phone to leak the secrets not the one company provided, you can do it with one Minspy account but you have to upgrade the plan, now you will need the family version.

Step 3

In the case of the iPhone, just let the Minspy account know the iCloud credentials of the target device and all the work will be done automatically. Minspy will basically hack the iCloud server of the device and after that you will be allowed to have the knowledge about every touch of the device. It is not just symbolic but in reality, with its keylogger feature you can find out everything typed on the device.

As you already know for android phones you cannot miss the step of installing the Minspy app in the device otherwise all the work will go to waste. If some other company is making the claims that it can hack the android device without app installation, I can assure you it’s a total bluff, don’t waste your money and save yourself from becoming the scapegoat of white lie. Once this step is done click on the start button.

Step 4

Finally after clicking on the start button you will be directed to the Minspy dashboard where you can choose any platform you want to spy on from the selection panel on the left side. You can read text messages, find out the most frequent callers, their duration of calls and the timing. Its geofencing feature will allow you to know about the sensitive locations your employee has visited.


Spyier is your second option for hacking any device. It is not less than the Minspy; you can enjoy the same level of secrecy and valid information conveying services. It is economical and will not cost you much. You can use it without getting yourself caught or putting yourself in an embarrassing situation.



Spyine allows you to have access to the social media accounts of a device. You can find out the password of the device or the passwords of the social media accounts by using its key logging feature. Social media accounts are the reflection of personal interests and secrets so in 2020 the best way to know someone is to spy on the social media account of that person.


Spyic has the unique quality of keeping the record of recently visited locations. It may not have all the features and call tracing features but it is economical and you can easily read the text messages both form private and group chat.


Cocospy is the hacking application trusted and used by the worried parents to know about the whereabouts of their kids. Most of the time kids are still wet behind the ears but they insist on using the smartphone because their class fellows and people around them use phones, it is now a status symbol and to upgrade the iPhone version is like oxygen to survive in this digital world of show off. So Neatspy uses the same technology for your benefit and allows you to be aware of the dangers your loved ones are exposed to so that you can intervene at the right time.


In 2020 you have a wide selection of technology to hack the fellow technology. After carefully researching and looking into the features and pros and cons associated with these spying apps we have sorted out for you the best and trustworthy apps you can use without any problem. These apps are backed by the dedicated team to answer your questions on the spot.