Advantages and Disadvantages of Using 0300 for Your Business

cNumber is a liable telecom provider with experience in supporting businesses. Offering a range of different types of phone numbers for customers and companies that range from local city to international numbers. And the 0300 line is actually quite the popular choice among customers by cNumber.

They are used exclusively for public sectors, charities, and not-for-profit organizations. These numbers allow organizations to have a single national point of contact without callers having to pay extra. They are also not tied to specific geographic locations, unlike traditional lines.

A question commonly asked by cNumber customers is, are 0300 numbers free? No. They are not free of charge but don’t add any extra charges when you make a call to them.

What are the Advantages of an 0300 Number?

There are many advantages to obtaining an 0300 number. Here’s a quick rundown of the main ones:

  • They are cheap.

Calls made to a 0300 number cost the same as those made to local area geographic numbers and come in many packages. As they are charged at a low call rate, people will be more inclined to call you if you have one.

  • They create trust.

0300lines are specially reserved for certain organizations. So all call costs are transparent. As such a company’s credibility can be bolstered.

  •  Improves a company’s image.

A 0300 line hides the location of your organization. This is good as it instantly gives the impression that you’re operating on a national scale. A company can end up looking much bigger and more professional because of it.

  • Continuity and Flexibility.

Regardless of relocation, 0300 numbers are not fixed to a particular location. So customers can have it for life, saving costs on, promotion, etc. In the event of a disaster, the number can be easily rerouted to another landline or mobile.

  • Innovative Call Solutions.

Companies using a 0300 line can assess their effectiveness. As it provides access to up-to-date statistics including the length of the call, number of calls, etc.

What are the disadvantages of an 0300 Number?

With 0300 numbers, the key question is on the costs of making calls. Sadly, there is no particular answer that fully addresses this issue. Therefore, the financial obligations of making calls to these numbers rely on a number of aspects.

  • Network Provider.

The network provider sets its own charges to calls. This, therefore, depends on which commercial numbers incur additional charges and which are free.

  • Usage.

If there are available minutes to use when calling an 0300 number, it’s no issue. But, if there isn’t a monthly allowance available, a usage fee might crop up.

  • Location of the caller.

Many network providers in the UK cover calls made within the UK. Therefore, making calls of an international nature may result in additional charges.


What is now clear is that it has its own benefits and drawbacks. However, it’s safe to say the good outweighs the bad significantly.

So, do make sure to grab an 0330 number from cNumber as soon as possible!