Best Gas Powered Generator Reviews

Generators are good in times of power outage..

Truth be told, the most common source of fuel for generators is gas. One major reason for its popularity is because of its ease of access.

You don’t have to go too far to refuel; you can do that by walking down to a gas station. The ease in getting this power source is way above other fuels.

Also, you don’t need to purchase a cylinder nor special equipment in instances when you want to buy and preserve this fuel. It’s only that extra caution is taken to safeguard the fuel from inflammation or near-house areas, which isn’t a herculean task.

In light of this, a list of the best gas powered generators has created to help you choose the best products that have been tested by first-hand users.

Take a look at the best gas-powered generators available:

Top Gas Power Generators – Our Top Picks

Pulsar PG10000 Portable Gas Powered Generator

Pulsar PG10000 Portable Gas Powered Generator

First and foremost, the main reason why this generator set makes this list is that gasoline powers it. I need not reiterate the refueling convenience. Other than the gas source of power, this generator is portable despite its 190 pounds weight. This portability is aided by the never-flat tires as well as two-fold out handle.

At startup, this generator puts out an incredible 10,000 Watts Peak, and 8,000W rated while running. In the engine room, a 420cc single cylinder OHV engine that holds up to 8 gallons of gasoline features.

This 4-Stroke engine pushes out 15HP, and as a result of the 8-gallon fuel, it can last for 12 hours at 50% load. Also, the sound levels peaks at 77 dBA. One feature common to most of the generator that’s also found in this generator is the automatic low-oil shut off.

The available outlets are – four 120V outlets, 120V/240V twist lock outlet, 30A and 50A RV outlets just in case you want to power your travel trailer. As for dimensions, the generator has 22 x 24 x 33 inches (L x W x H).

Two options are available for putting on the generator – electric push start and recoil start. Well, a maintenance free battery is available to set the platform for the electric push start.

With a 3-in-1 digital meter on board that monitors volts, frequency and hours, the performance of the generator is kept track of. Alongside these features are the circuit breakers.

Our number one pick is the Pulsar PG10000 Gas Powered generator because of the extensive features it presents, and its value for money. For cheaper option you could look into large inverter generator for you home. These options are more affordable and a no brainer if y

Generac 5939 GP5500 Portable Gas Powered Generator

As this generator runs on gasoline, its portability has a distinct expression. It comes equipped with a never-go-flat wheel kit and handles. Also, the cast iron frame and hardened steel-tube cradle give the generator set a rigid build. Besides, the generator set weighs 180 pounds and has dimensions of 28.8 x 26.8 x 25 inches.

Its fuel tank can hold up 7.2 gallons of gasoline that give out 10 hours of operation at 50% load. The engine powering this mechanical device is the Generac 389cc OHV engine. Splash lubrication makes the engine durable and able to supply consistent power. Additionally, engine low oil shutdown occurs automatically to guard the engine from damage.

On the power panel, there’s the circuit breaker protection for circuit protection, and hour meter providing maintenance alerts at intervals. Upon starting, the generator has 6,875 Watts, and 5,550 running Watts.

If you’re planning on camping, power tool use or even looking for a standby backup generator, the Generac 5939 GP5500 fits into the picture.

Briggs & Stratton 30676 Portable Gas Powered Generator

Briggs & Stratton 30676 Portable Gas Powered Generator

If you need a gas powered generator to act as a reliable backup generator, the Briggs & Stratton 30676 has got you covered. With this, you can be rest assured your microwave won’t cease in preserving your food; neither will your smartphones or tablets go off without your permission.

And what do we have here; we have a generator that able to hold up to 5 gallons of gasoline. At half load, the resulting full gasoline tank can provide a running time of 14 hours. Its engine type is the Briggs & Stratton 208cc OHV engine.

A multi-featured control panel comprising of circuit breaker protection, rubber outlet covers, and hour meter do well in executing protective and maintenance alert functions on the generator.

Interestingly, a power surge alternator makes sure that the generator produces 25% more surge wattage to power up more appliances in the house or RV, whatever the case might be.

For ease of mobility, a 7-inch never-flat wheel kit is included in the packaged box. Made with plastic and metallic materials, the generator weighs an average 114.6 pounds. Outlets present for the power demands are 120V/20A, 120V/30A locking RV outlet. If you ever plan on taking it for camping, you’re rest assured the OHV engine can power a 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner.
On starting the generator, the power output is rated at 4,375 Watts while it hits the 3,500 Watts on running.

DuroMax XP4400E Portable Gas Powered Generator

DuroMax XP4400E

Recreational activities or emergency purposes, the DuroMax XP4400E Portable Gas Powered Generator is a suitable option. Similar to the Briggs & Stratton 30676 Generator, this generator set powers as much as 3,500 Watts while running; however, its starting output differs by being 4,400 Watts.

You’ll be amazed to find out that its 4-gallon gasoline tank can last for 8 hours on 50% maximum output. Interesting enough, its DuroMax air cooled OHV engine has the capacity of 7.0 HP. In addition to this, the super quiet muffler ensures that low noise production is pegged at an optimum 69 decibels of noise. This gets it the EPA as well as CARB compliance. In other words, locations such as national parks are well suited for operational use of this type of generator. An interesting feature of the engine is the automatic engine oil-level shutdown when oil-level is insufficient for safe operations.

As seen in other models, the generator possesses a metallic frame for rigidity, solid wheels for mobility, and a convenient front/ handle for further portability. To kick start it, an electric key start is utilized. Nonetheless, in cases where the battery isn’t charged, the recoil start is available for conventional use.

Up front, the power panel contains the engine shut off switch, circuit breaker, and Voltmeter and power outlets. Unsurprisingly, the available power outlets you get for powering your appliances are – two 120V outlets and one 120V/240V twist-lock outlet.

With regards to weight, the generator has a light one of 120 pounds. Its dimensions are sleekly placed at 36 x 24 x 24 inches. More, idle control is an added feature on the generator. It helps in reducing the rpm, thus saving fuel, and money as well.


We’ve gone through the list of the best gas powered generators, and it’s obvious that they are very portable and cost-effective. Of a truth, other forms of fuel might be cheaper than gasoline but the easy access and maintenance of gas can’t be matched by the others. If you want to deal with green energy generators with zero emission, Solar powered generators are really good options to begin with.

As I’ve said earlier, whether your aim is camping or you need a backup generator, or it’s needed for your power tools, these generators are capable of meeting your demands.