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1000+ Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2020-2021: With over 200,000 job recruitments currently available in Canada for immigrants. We are regularly posting high paying jobs in Demand in Canada with salary for foreign workers. There are massive employment opportunities for entry-level freshers and newcomers because many companies are offering unskilled jobs in Canada for foreigners in 2021.

Canadian Government and private sector companies are facing the shortage of skilled and unskilled manpower to support in agricultural, manufacturing and health and medical sector. To fulfill the gap of labour market demand and supply, Canada is hiring large number of entry-level to professional foreign employees. Line of work is now covering the latest job list. Those are in manufacturing companies such as Production Manager, Manufacturing Team Member, Production-Worker, Machine Operator, Quality Assurance Associates, and many more.

Along with we have collected several agricultural, manufacturing, construction and service jobs providing companies and recruitment agencies in Canada who are hiring a large number of foreign workers various province in Canada.

They recruit worker in part-time hourly basis, full-time, permanent and most of them are seasonal companies who are looking for foreign workers in Canada.Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

Jobs in Canada for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship Program 2021

If you are searching for employment opportunities for the Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Canada, then also you are in the right place here. We have provided a basic overview of the Visa Sponsorship Program to find jobs in Canada for foreigners.

As of my research over the authntic Canadian Government Website, there is no any visa sponsorship jobs available.

If any company or employer is willing to offer a job with visa sponsorship (which is unlikely to happen!) then you can apply for a work permit through Canada Express Entry.

On the other hand, it’s not so easy for an employer to sponsor a worker/employee because that involves the documentation process and the cost as well.

Hence, any Canadian employer may prefer a foreign worker who already has a work permit visa in Canada as it’s easy for them to offer employment.

The only solution to get a job with a visa is, you apply for a permanent residence visa procedure or Working Holiday Visa in Canada. Which will allow you to work with any job provider company, employer, and anywhere in Canada?

It is not difficult to secure a PR visa if you are eligible for the process.

But keep in mind that nobody, no person, no agency, no company or lawyer can bypass or shorten the visa application process to immigrate to Canada.

List of All Available Job Offers in Canada for Immigrants 2021

Several agricultural, fruit picking, harvesting, packaging, manufacturing and productions companies are seeking for foreign workers.

They are hiring in multiple job position and titles around various cities in Canada for the year 2021. Most of the recruitment agencies in offers best jobs in Canada for foreigners.

Interested, qualified and experienced candidates may apply for best job postings in Canada 2021.

Below we have collected the latest job career and vacancy list of urgent job positions in Canada for foreigners too. Most of the companies are providing work permit visa in Canada for the year 2021 or candidates may apply through Canada Express Entry VISA 2021.

Interested, qualified and experienced candidates may apply with their updated CV and other necessary documents. Click below to Apply Immediately for new jobs in Canada for foreigners 2021.

Latest Job Postings and Vacancies Available in Canada for Foreigners 2021

We have covered up the multiple job opportunities in most of the provinces in Canada like Toronto, Alberta, Manitoba, British Colombia and Ontario. You can search the job as your preferred location. Many companies like Walmart Canada, Air Canada are offering a large number of job vacancies for freshers and veterans.

General Farm Worker 250 Canada
Truck Driver 35 Canada
Registered Nurse (RPN) 180 Canada
Live-in Caregiver 45 Canada
Office Administrator 40 Canada
Housekeeper 150 Canada
Automobiles Mechanic 55 Canada
Front End Supervisor 20 Canada
Family and Childcare Provider 40 Canada
Foreman 85 Canada
Factory Worker 850 Canada
Machine Operator 30 Canada
General Labour 420 Canada
Cook/Chef 100 Canada
Food Service Supervisor 80 Canada
Cashier (Retail) 35 Canada
Dairy Hand 40 Canada
Supermarket Clerk 75 Canada
General Farm Labour 220 Canada
Pickers and Packers 310 Canada
Delivery driver 45 Canada
Receptionist 30 Canada
Waiter/Waitress 180 Canada
Electrician 90 Canada
Painters 145 Canada
Butcher/Meat Cutter 65 Canada
Plumber 80 Canada
Dishwasher 120 Canada
Accountant 60 Canada
Baby Doll Maker 150 Canada
Textile Factory Workers 350 Canada
Security Guard 300 Canada
Forklift operator 45 Canada
Cleaners/Hotel Cleaning Jobs 220 Canada

Jobs in Ontario, Canada for Immigrants

Ontario’s economy increases through its well management of resources, manufacturing expertise, technology, exports and a drive for innovation.

Ontario government generates 37% of the national GDP of Canada and is targeted to almost 50% of all employees in high tech, financial services and other knowledge-intensive industries”.

We are posting large number of job vacancies based on the Ontario Government Website. ontario government website.

Most of the available jobs in ontario canada for immigrants are high demand jobs with high salary scale.

We are introducing exciting job roles where you can directly influence the change, help to build business connections, and strengthen employee engagement.

List of Jobs in Ontario for Foreign Immigrants and Workers 2021

Office Administrator $24.50
Painter $27.00
Child and Youth Worker $18.00
General Construction Supervisor $32.00
Dentist $50.00
Travel Consultant $17.50
Food Service Supervisor $14.50
Book Keeper $24.65
Restaurant Manager $24.50
Automobile Repair Shop Manager $36.00
Diesel Mechanic $36.00
Book Keeper $24.50
Transmission Mechanic $32.00
Administrative Assistant $22.00
Early Childhood Educator (ECE) $17.00
Banquet Cook $15.00
Liquor Store Supervisor $20.00

Jobs in Quebec, Canada for Immigrants

Recently the Quebec government has published new Areas of Training List.

The fundamental areas of training list plays important role for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

The finalized list enumerates a variety of studies awarding points to applicants and a spouse or de facto spouse for the diplomas acquired outside Quebec or obtained in Quebec or recognized as Quebec equivalent.

The Quebec Skilled Worker program targets to select candidates with the highest potentiality of successful economic settlement.

The following is a reference to the Quebec Immigration High Demand Job and Occupation List.

The list of job vacancies provides applicants from outside Canada, who do not have intermediate french abilities, the best chances to qualify under Quebec Government rules.

Quebec Immigration High Demand Occupation List 2021 with Salary

Computer Equipment Repairer $22.00
Expedite Driver $12.75
Shipper-Receiver $14.50
Pizza Cook $13.50
Food Processing Labourer $13.00
Live-in Care-Giver $12.50
Grocery Store Butcher $16.00
Wood Working Machine Operator $16.00
Infants’ Day Care Worker $16.00
Factory Labourer $17.48
Stockpiler $15.12
Transport Truck Mechanic $18.00
General Labour $13.92

Salary, Employee Benefits and Benefits packages

Employee salary and benefits are an important part of an compensation package. It plays vital role in the overall performance employee.

Some elements of a benefits package are legislated and managed by government, while others are offered by company itself to be competitive.

Both can provide great satisfaction for employees who is looking for high salary jobs in Canada for foreigners.

Legislated Salary and Benefits for Domestic and Immigrant Employees in Canada

Legislated benefits are mandatory—all employers in Canada must provide these type of benefits to employees. These benefits include:

  • Employment Insurance: Both employer and employee contributions are required
  • Canada Pension Plan: Both employer and employee contributions are required
  • Workplace insurance coverage: The requirements and premiums of Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board vary, depending on your industry and work environment

Competitive employee benefits

While it’s important for all Canadian employers to offer a competitive salary and benefits package to attract and retain quality employees.

Employees who is searching for high salary jobs in Canada for foreigners definately give the preference for better company.

A full benefit package can be cost-prohibitive for a startup.

The costs of employee benefits will generally average of 15% of payroll in a small scale company, or as much as 30% in a larger one.

Each potential benefit package should be considered and determined carefully.

General Employee Salary and Benefits Package in Canada 2021

Most of the employers offer the competitive employee benefits and salaries.

The applicants who is looking for a best job in Canada may receive following employee benefits after getting successful job posting :

  • Health insurance (e.g., coverage for medications, physiotherapy, upgraded hospital care)
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Vision care
  • Dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Additional vacation allotments above that required by the Employment Standards Act
  • Paid sick leaves
  • Short-term disability insurance (Tip: Investigate the disability coverage provided under Employment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan to determine if additional coverage is needed)
  • Long-term disability insurance (Tip: This should be paid by the employee. It saves the employer money, but, more importantly, the employee will not be taxed on the benefit should they ever need to claim it)
  • Group RRSP or pension plans (separate from Canada Pension Plan)
    Education and training
  • Flexible work arrangements (Part Time, Full Time, Seasonal Work)

Minimum Requirement for the Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2021

To apply for the best job postings in Canada 2021, candidates must have to following requirements.

If you think your qualifications match the job title then fill up the online application form.

  • General skill of reading and speaking English language (French Preferred)
  • Minimum education: High School passed (Technical Subject Preferred)
  • Experience preferred in related jobs
  • Age must be in range of 21 to 39
  • Valid Passport and other documents