Glo Night Plan – The Best Midnight Browsing Plan Yet! – (Updated 2020)

Check In – Glo Night Plan

The GrandMasters of data are at it again and you don’t want to miss the Glo night plan for anything. I repeat anything.

Tired of getting measly night browsing plans from other networks? Well, it doesn’t have to be a problem now.

Glo internet browsing is considerately bad – obvious reason; Slow network. But the silver lining has always been bumper data bundles. In short, nobody gives you bonus data bundles like Glo does.


Nigerians will keep throwing insults at Glo, but just like Garri we find a way to go back to it. Yes, I know that might not be the case for everyone, but if you are reading this, you are likely guilty of it.

Only  the Airtel midnight plan comes close to the whooping offer you get here. The problem with the MTN Night Plan is its limited to only 500MB for N25. However, it’s still great considering the price is just ¼ of Glo’s data plan. If you do the maths you’d figure out that the 500MB for N25 of MTN is fair. Not to forget, Etisalat too are doing a good job with their offers as well.

In all, this plan is a respite  to expensive data charges we can’t enjoy in the day. So without further ado, let’s take a look at how to get your hands on Glo Night Plan.

How to Subscribe to GloNight Plan – 1GB For N200 is a bang for your buck!

To subscribe to the Glo midnight browsing follow the simple steps below:

Dial  *127*60# or Text 60 to 127

Another option to to Dial *777# and follow the onscreen options to subscribe.

Once you’ve subscribed, a confirmation message from Glo will be sent upon successful activation or failure. Wait for the message before you go on a data rampage, only to realize that you have been using your data.

That’s a penalty against your self – Small doctor.

Unlike MTN sub that expires an hour before 5AM. The Glo night browsing plan validity starts from 12AM – 5AM. This means you get up to 5 hours of surfing the internet, streaming, downloads and much more to keep you entertained.


How to Check Glo Night Browsing Data Balance:

To check Glo midnight browsing balance:

Simply use the data usage settings on your phone which I explained here.

Wrapping Up – Conclusion

So guys, there you have it.  if you have any problem with the Glo Night Plan use the comment box below. Or you can send the money to me via my phone and I’ll do it for you – please this is a fat joke. Don’t trust anyone with airtime.


How to Check Glo Data Balance