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INFINIX ZERO 5: Where Zero Becomes Greater Than 10

The Infinix Zero 5 makes the thing go Skrrrrrr! And you know the rest.. The Zero 5 has taken the smartphone world by storm. The release of their 2017 flagship phone couldn’t have come at a better time. Unveiled on the 14th of November, in Dubai, it is perhaps the best Christmas/New year present from Infinix to fans. With ground breaking features, the dual camera not [...]

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Tecno L9 Plus Price, Specs and Full Review in Nigeria

With the Tecno L9 Plus, you can, with your head high, say bye to power banks. Here’s to 72 hours of heavy use for users on the go. The Tecno L9 plus is newest Tecno on the block. Little wonder why Tecno can’t stop gushing about the monster size storage of their latest device. What's more, Tecno L9 plus holds a sleek design and build that would make you love it at f [...]

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Infinix Hot S3 – Infinix Response to Tecno’s Camon CM And It’s Epic

Infinix Hot S2 Pro has talk the talk, the Infinix Hot S3 is here to continue its predecessor’s walk in style. If you are like me – who has made a pass on last year’s high-end Infinix Smartphone because of the obvious price and specification mismatch, then, this smartphone is the saving grace. Don’t get my words twisted here – All I’m trying to say is most Infi [...]

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TECNO CAMON C7: Meet the Seventh Wonder Of the Tecno World

It doesn’t get better than the number seven.  Except when it comes to Tecno Camon C7; then you have more than seven reasons to cash in on this amazing mobile gadget. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for in a phone. Oh apologies.  It actually matters what you are looking for in a phone and if it is quality within grasp, then you have found it. Or rather it has fou [...]

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Tecno Camon CX Price in Nigeria in {2019}: Specs and Review

Read the unbiased review on the Tecno Camon CX Pics, Specs and Price in Nigeria. After the release of successful phones like; the PhonePad 3 and L9 plus, Tecno shows no sign of stopping as they released their latest Flagship of 2017. Ladies and Gentlemen - Camon CX. As we'll have it, it's the successor to the Tecno Camon C9. The flagship also comes with a lesser varia [...]

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Top 12 Tech Blogs In Nigeria – List Of Best Blogs & Tech Sites Of 2019

The tech blogs in Nigeria have been on the rise, and research proves phone use in Nigeria has hit the high.  Tech bloggers were once ignored, shunned as nothing important, but as fate will have it, the stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone of the digital world. Tech blogs have been so amazing, we have seen a lot of valuable news, breaking tech news, and [...]

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Infinix Note 4 / Note 4 Pro Specs, Price and Review In Nigeria 2019

The Infinix Note 4 & Note 4 pro are finally released and as we'd expected, it is the phone for the ages. And there's no doubt, Infinix will give any smartphone company a run for their money. Moses Dzarmah The Infinix Note 3 was the most searched Smartphone in Nigeria 2016. Thanks to the ultra-fast charging feature, amazing pixel resolution, Incredible cameras, and out [...]

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10+ Latest & Best Tecno phones and Their Prices in Nigeria 2019

Looking to buy the latest and Best Tecno phones on the market in Nigeria? Fortunately, you are just where you are suppose to be. Now: It’s no surprise that Tecno phones are among the best selling Smartphones in Nigeria. Thanks to their cheap and affordable price, Nigerians have grown to love their products, as well as their fierce rivals, Infinix Mobility Phones. Lates [...]

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