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Glo Data Plan – Internet Bundles, Subscription Codes & Prices in 2018

Read our post as we reveal the Best Glo Data Plan  in Nigeria and their subscription codes.Take this From a power internet user:GLO Daily Internet Bundles These Glo data bundles are what I will like to call the “Quickies” the daily plan are for users that would like to surf the internet or download files before it expires in 24 hours.To be very ho [...]

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Jumia Black Friday 2018 – How to Order On Jumia Black Friday!

'Read about the Jumia black Friday sales date in 2018- best deals and discount you can find in 2018.There no better time in the year to buy products at almost half their prices than the Jumia black Friday sales day.Some have saved the whole year just for this day.Now, what is it in the first place: Black Friday?The black Friday is tradition practiced in [...]

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Huawei sold more smartphones than Apple in Q2 2018 according to Gartner Report

Earlier this year a report from the market research firm IDC (International Data Corporation) revealed that Huawei had overtaken Apple as the second largest smartphone manufacturer by way of global shipments.Obviously that can’t be taken as golden as Apple keep a tight lid on their sales figures but this week a report from the firm Gartner reveals a similar sentiment but [...]

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Top 10 Best Samsung Phones and Prices In Nigeria 2018

This article is an in-depth review of the top list of Best Samsung phones and their prices in Nigeria.Samsung is perhaps the biggest smartphone name in the Android world, perhaps the whole smartphone world.  The name resonates with almost every Android user whether you are a fan or not.The company is the top selling phone company in the world, and in 2015, Samsung [...]

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Tecno Camon CX Price in Nigeria in 2018: Specs and Review

Read the unbiased review on the Tecno Camon CX Pics, Specs and Price in Nigeria.After the release of successful phones like; the PhonePad 3 and L9 plus, Tecno shows no sign of stopping as they released their latest Flagship of 2017. Ladies and Gentlemen - Camon CX. As we'll have it, it's the successor to the Tecno Camon C9.The flagship also comes with a lesser varia [...]

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Top 12 Tech Blogs In Nigeria – List Of Best Blogs & Tech Sites Of 2017

The tech blogs in Nigeria have been on the rise, and research proves phone use in Nigeria has hit the high.  Tech bloggers were once ignored, shunned as nothing important, but as fate will have it, the stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone of the digital world.Tech blogs have been so amazing, we have seen a lot of valuable news, breaking tech news, and [...]

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Infinix Note 4 / Note 4 Pro Specs, Price and Review In Nigeria 2018

The Infinix Note 4 & Note 4 pro are finally released and as we'd expected, it is the phone for the ages. And there's no doubt, Infinix will give any smartphone company a run for their money.Moses Dzarmah The Infinix Note 3 was the most searched Smartphone in Nigeria 2016. Thanks to the ultra-fast charging feature, amazing pixel resolution, Incredible cameras, and out [...]

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Tecno PhonePad 3 Price, Full Review & Specs in NIGERIA

Know more the Specs, price & Review of the Tecno PhonePad 3.After the success of the highly rated Tecno L9 Plus, Tecno backed this milestone in 2017 with a new high-end device known as the Tecno PhonePad 3.TECNO phone Pad 3 is a high-end tablet that comes with a brushed metallic body setting the phone is aesthetically unique when compared to its peers. The phone com [...]

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