How to Hack Someone’s iPhone in 2020

iPhones have become extremely popular in recent times. A vast amount of people use an iPhone nowadays. And with the increase in usage of cell phones thanks to the internet and the freedom of use that cell phones give, they are the most used gadget on an everyday basis.

Whether it be business or personal errands, people use their cell phones to do their daily tasks. Due to the increase in usage of cell phones, when you want to know the deepest secrets of a person you look into their phones.

For the safety of one’s children or one’s own safety in their relationship with a loved one, hacking an iPhone can become a necessity. As such you need to find a way to successfully and easily hack an iPhone. Hacking an iPhone by Spyic is the most sure fire way of doing it.

What is Spyic?

Spyic is the best service for hacking an iPhone in 2020. Spyic has been recommended by websites such as TechRadar, Tomsguide, and PCMag etc. We will now attempt to show you why it is so highly approved.

First and foremost, Spyic is a completely legal app. There is no root or jailbreak when you are hacking an iPhone by this app. It is also a global service. It is available in every country. With Spyic you do not have any reason to even come into contact with the iPhone you want to hack.

It operates remotely and it is extremely user friendly. Even if you are not a regular phone user, you will not face any trouble in using this app. Although Spyic is the best in the business when it comes to hacking iPhones, it can hack Androids just as easily.

Once you have hacked the intended iPhone, you can avail a number of different services. From tracking the targeted cell phones location, to keeping track of its text messages and call logs. Social media activity and search history are no longer a secret.

Some of the main services provided by Spyic are:

  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Keylogger
  • Message monitoring
  • Access to browser history
  • Location tracking
  • And many more

As you can see from the above list, Spyic gives you the full package when it comes to hacking a phone. It is a great tool to have at your disposal.

The only requirement for keeping track of the targeted phone is the internet. You will not be able to track the activity of the phone if it is not connected to the internet.

How to hack someone’s iPhone with the use of Spyic

You just need to donate 5-10 minutes of your time for the required procedure to setup Spyic. This procedure has the following steps.

Step 1

As the first step of setting up Spyic, go to the website of Spyic at Make your account on the Spyic website by any browser you want. Spyic is available on all browsers. Give the required details. Pay the amount for the package you want.

Step 2

As we have already said, Spyic works for both iOS Apple cell phones and Android devices. Their installing processes however, differ slightly.

  •         For iPhones

iPhones are easier to hack because it can be done remotely. You do not need to come into contact with the target iPhone. All you need to hack an iPhone with the help of Spyic is the target phone’s cloud storage account details.

Connect the target phones cloud storage to the Spyic account you created. This is all that you have to do to have complete access to an iPhone of your choice.

  •         For Android Devices

Once you have made your account on the Spyic website, you will receive a file of 2 MB. You will need to download this file in the Android cell phone that you want to hack. You have to come into direct contact with an Android device to hack it.

There is no service or app that can hack Android devices remotely. However, Spyic does give you the ability to monitor the intended Android device remotely once you have downloaded the small file onto it.

When you have followed and completed the above mentioned process, the Spyic app is put into action. After 5 minutes or so the hacking of the targeted cell phone is complete and you are free to view the cell phones activity as you please.

Step 3

The installation process is that easy. You are now free to monitor a cell phone’s location, their social media messages and activity or even their browser history. Their call logs are no longer a secret to you.

The dashboard on Spyic’s website once logged into your account contains the different options you can use to monitor the target cell phone. Spyic is as easy to remove from the cell phone as it is to install it.

For iPhones you can undo the hack remotely just like it is installed. For Android’s however, you need to uninstall the file manually, since it has been downloaded onto the phone directly.

Modern technology has made it that easy to keep track of a person’s activity. Whether it is suspected foul play by a spouse or to protect your loved ones, you can keep track of the person’s activity just by logging into your Spyic account.


In most of the other apps you need to jailbreak or root before you are able to hack an iPhone. With Spyic this is not the case. Hacking an iPhone by Spyic, all you need to know are the details of the cloud storage of the phone that you aim to hack.

This is an absolutely legal process. For the package you decide on getting, you get the appropriate services. The installation process and the post installation usage is extremely easy. You do not need to be a technology expert to avail yourself of this app’s services.

All in all, Spyic is the best service available when it comes to hacking an iPhone without touching it.