How to Install an iPhone Keylogger : 3 Steps – Instructables

How to Install an iPhone Keylogger : 3 Steps – Instructables

Keylogger is an incredibly valuable and unique program and there’s no denying this fact. It makes the record of all the keystrokes that are made on the phone it is installed in. All these keystrokes are placed in a log document and afterward sent to you.

A decent iPhone keylogger is tremendously valuable. It can help you with many things in your life. If you wish to know all about your children’s activities, you can screen your children and see what they’re doing. You can also check whether your spouse is cheating you or not.

On the off chance that you need a keylogger for an iPhone, you should be cautious because not all keyloggers work as they’re publicized. Many keyloggers you find will attempt to sneak into your own phone and steal your data. That’s why we have the best one here for you. Once you start using it, you will also realize that it’s the best.

ClickFree – iPhone Keylogger That Has It All

When it comes to iPhone keyloggers, one of the top names is ClickFree. ClickFree is a great iPhone keylogger with some top of the line features. ClickFree has a lot of reputation all over the world as it is used by millions of individuals in more than 190 countries all around.

Moreover, ClickFree’s fame is not limited here. You will also find many news outlets talking about it. Various top international media brands like The New York Times, Android Authority, Forbes and BBC have reviewed ClickFree in the best ways.

ClickFree’s iPhone keylogger is equipped with some of the great features that can get you any data on the target phone you want. Here are some things that ClickFree’s iPhone keylogger can do for you.

Message logging: ClickFree will record messages as well as iMessages for you. Regardless of whether the objective erases a message, you will, in any case, have the option to understand and view it.

Social Media logging: The application accompanies an incredible social media keylogging instrument. You can perceive what messages the objective iPhone is getting or conveying on applications, for example, WhatsApp and Facebook. Moreover, you also get to see all the media files as well.

Internet browser logging: ClickFree additionally offers an internet browser logging feature that permits you to see previous search history on iPhone. All the sites visited on the objective iPhone will be sent to you. You get data like site depictions and, most as often as possible, visited destinations.

Email logging: If your objective is utilizing an email application, for example, Gmail, at that point ClickFree will catch the messages composed, for you to see a while later.

Notes logging: ClickFree permits you to get into the well known note-taking applications, for example, Google Keep, Samsung Notes, and Evernote. Just signup with ClickFree and see what notes the objective person is taking on his phone.

ClickFree is an Ultra-watchful Online application

ClickFree for iPhones is a completely electronic application. You can introduce it remotely and furthermore use it to get into an iPhone remotely from any internet browser. This incorporates your iPhone or PC internet browser.

Rather than working with the iPhone itself, ClickFree gets to the iPhone through iCloud reinforcement. There is no immediate association with the objective iPhone. You don’t have to download any application on it or jailbreak it either.

Yes, jailbreaking is not a part of ClickFree iPhone keylogger. ClickFree knows what damage can be caused by jailbreaking the iPhone and also that it can make the target iPhone more vulnerable to viruses. That is why logging with ClickFree never involves jailbreaking.

Since ClickFree works remotely through the internet browser and there are no product downloads included, it can’t be recognized or indicated by any means! You will have the option to screen the objective iPhone without the target person even having a hint.

Set-up the ClickFree iPhone Keylogger Within Minutes

If you are wondering how to set up and start using the iPhone keylogging feature of ClickFree, well it’s really easy if you follow the 3 simple steps mentioned below. And yes, you don’t need to have any kind of technical knowledge for this purpose so don’t worry about that.

ClickFree’s iPhone keylogger can be set up within a few minutes only as it is super easy to start using it. You will find that along with many other quality features, ClickFree also offers ease and convenience.

So here are the simple steps and guidelines to start using the ClickFree iPhone keylogger right away.

Step 1: The first step is to sign-up with ClickFree and get an account. This step is a mandatory one for all keyloggers but ClickFree makes it easier for you. You don’t need to install any app on your phone for this purpose.

Just open your internet browser, whatever browser you use, of your device and go to the ClickFree official website. There you will have the option to register yourself with ClickFree. It is quite simple and easy.

You must also choose a suitable subscription plan according to your logging needs and set up an uncommon password for your ClickFree account.

Step 2: When all the registration process is done, now you need to advance towards the OS choosing screen where you will be allowed to choose the OS of the respective device. Choose iOS and then also provide the iCloud details of that iPhone.

Step 3: When you have provided all the details about your account and the target device, you can now start using ClickFree’s iPhone keylogging feature right away. All you need to do is to visit the official website through the internet and visit your dashboard and select the relative option from there.


This guide provides a detailed view on the world’s no 1 keylogger ClickFree and its amazing features. If you still have any doubts in your mind, start using ClickFree right away to have all the doubts cleared. You will have a wonderful experience using it.