How to Track Someone’s iPhone Without Them Knowing [Updated 2020]

How to Track Someone’s iPhone Without Them Knowing [Updated 2020]

Spyier is one of the best iPhone tracking apps on the planet and lets you track the target iPhone’s live location. You can easily use Spyier to track someone’s iPhone as it is the best app in the market. No other tracking app is as convenient or easy as Spyier.

In fact, Spyier is so great that big media brands like Forbes, Toms Guide and the New York Times have also recommended using Spyier and have reviewed it in most positive ways.

Well, that’s a great thing as not many apps are reviewed as such. Spyier, being the best, is also the most notable among all other iPhone tracking apps.

When Spyier is around, you don’t need to worry even a bit as it can do every kind of spying or tracking that you want. Spyier misses nothing, it gives you every detail that you want. And not just the iPhone’s location, you can have every inch of every data in that iPhone. It’s almost like you’re holding the iPhone itself.

You can visit the Spyier page here to get more info on this amazing iPhone tracker. You can visit it through any web browser of any device. Using Spyier is very easy and convenient, we will explain the stepwise procedure later on.

What Makes Spyier The Perfect iPhone Tracker?

Spyier is the best tracker for iPhones from each and every aspect. Here, we have outlined some of the major highlights that people love about Spyier.

Web-based Tracker

Spyier doesn’t want you to install any kind of app for the purpose of tracking an iPhone. You should simply make a beeline for Spyier’s dashboard through any internet browser and you will discover every one of its highlights there.

Through this amazing web-based dashboard, you can track every area of the target iPhone and get to know all the things that the phone owner hid from you.

No Need For Jailbreaking

Spyier doesn’t expect you to jailbreak the iPhone that you wish to follow. This is really intriguing and new since most iPhone trackers require jailbreaking the iPhone as the initial step of following.

You will consider this to be an uplifting news on the off chance that you know how awful jailbreaking can be. Jailbreaking can affect the security and let viruses attack the phone. Spyier knows this and that’s why it has designed its features in such a way that jailbreaking is no longer a necessity.

Your Information’s Privacy is Guaranteed

With all the news you catch wind of information being stolen on the web, you must be worried about data security. Spyic addresses this worry quite well.

It utilizes top safety efforts to guarantee that all your private information is protected. Actually, Spyier never stores any of your private information on its own servers either.

Tons of Highlights

Spyier accompanies a ton of highlights that are not simply restricted to following an iPhone. It is an undeniable iPhone observing application and you will discover all of these highlights helpful.

Social Media Tracking

You can track everything that the target person does on his social media accounts. And it is all possible through Spyier. With Spyier, you get to even check on social media activities of the person you’re tracking.

You can view the messages they exchange, download the media traded in private as well as group chats and even look into their friends.


Spyier takes the area following to a whole new level with the Geofencing highlight. Geofencing permits you to define area limits on the guide for the iPhone. In the event that the iPhone crosses these limits, you get a quick alarm.

Geofencing is a next level unique feature that is lacking in many other iPhone tracking apps and tools.

A Complete Secret iPhone Tracking

At the point when you are utilizing Spyier to follow an iPhone, the individual you are following will never discover that you are following them. This is due to the bleeding edge innovation utilized in making Spyier.

Spyier is a top of the line area tracker whose essential point is covertness and mystery. This is in such a case that the other individual discovers that you are following them, they may change their propensities.

The shrouded activity of Spyier is simple to understand. Since all iPhones accompany the iCloud highlight characteristic on the gadget, all the information of an iPhones gets naturally matched up to the iCloud server.

Spyier uses this information to remove significant data about the gadget itself. In this way, you don’t have to get to the objective iPhone even once. Thus, the other individual never gets even a hint about you tracking them.

You simply need to check your iCloud accreditations so that Spyier can get to the live area of the client from the iCloud information and give it to your dashboard. Further, it likewise furnishes you with extra information as well.

How to Track an iPhone with Spyier? A Stepwise Guide

Step 1: The first thing that Spyier wants you to do is to create an account. You can sign-up with Spyier through its website that can be visited from any internet browser of your choice. During sign-up, also choose a specific subscription plan according to your tracking needs.

Step 2: When you are asked about the OS of the device, choose iOS. After that, you need to verify the iCloud details of the target iPhone.

Step 3: When you have verified the iCloud account, you can now start tracking the iPhone right away. You can visit the dashboard and start tracking the location from there.


Summing it up, Spyier has made life easy by providing simple and easy iPhone tracking solutions. What was once considered impossible is now not only possible but also very simple, if you’re using Spyier.

With Spyier, iPhone tracking is no longer a problem as it has made it more easy and convenient than ever.