Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

You Can Win Up to $300,000, Just Help LEAP With Your Ideas

Do you have a knack for off-grid refrigeration coupling? may be you could put it to work and grab three hundred thousand dollars($300,000), just for your ideas. You also stand a chance to read from EA. Adeboye devotional on Diverswift The Global leap off grid refrigeration competition hosted for Sub-Saharan African which sees the winner […]

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LG Launches Mosquito Repellent TV Sets

I hate mosquitoes!. I can’t help but notice extraordinary leap in entirely new concept to kill Mosquitoes. LG’ s Electronics new technology leaves imprints in your mind, and trust me,  LG TV Mosquito repellent first impression lasts. The new project called Mosquito Away Technology precedes the name. A multi-purpose TV set which used both as […]

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