Smile Nigeria 4G LTE Internet Plans and Prices in Nigeria 2019

Just like Spectranet, Smile Nigeria is a leading 4 LTE broadband internet provider in Nigeria.

As a matter of fact, Smile 4G LTE network speed is 2 times better and faster than the major Telecom Networks.

However, it’s a little disappointing to know that smile services are limited to a number of states in Nigeria of which Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Abuja, and Ibadan are fortunate states to enjoy from 4G LTE.

Don’t be let down if your state isn’t among the aforementioned states, cause smile has promised subsequent roll out of their internet services to other City states across the country.

Today, I will make a full review of the best Smile 4G internet plans and their prices in Nigeria. While highlighting the best plans for budget users.


You should know that smile has two router packs:


First off, the Wi-Fi router starter pack has a set price of N18,000 – N23,000 with a SIM card plus an additional 10 GB of Data.

Also, there is the MiFi router starter pack which starts retail at N16,000. The MiFi router includes one SIM Plus 5 GB data.

For user’s that have a MiFi or WiFi router, you can purchase the smile sim and insert it into your device, subscribe and start surfing the internet.

If you are looking for the perfect internet package, Smile has tons of flexible data bundles for internet users and a lightning internet speed as a plus for users.

Below is a table that contains their best data plans and their prices. Select the plans that fit your need and budget.

Smile Data Bundles Plans & Prices

PriceSmile Package
SIM only Starter Pack ₦2,300One SIM + 2GB Data
MiFi Router Starter Pack ₦16,000Mi-Fi router + One SIM + 5GB data
Wi-Fi Router Starter Pack ₦23,000Wi-Fi router + One SIM + 10GB Data

24 Hours Anytime Plans

Smile BundlesValidity Price
500MB30 days₦1,500
2GB30 days₦1,800
3GB30 days₦4,000
5GB30 days₦5,500
10GB12 months₦9,000
20GB12 months₦17,000
50GB12 months₦36,000
100GB12 months₦70,000
200GB12 months ₦135,000

Smile Home Night Plans and Weekend Plans

Smile Home Night and Weekend BundlesValidityPrice
5GB30 days₦4,000
10GB30 days₦7,500
20GB30 days₦14,000

Yes, there you have it. Our list of Smile’s best data plan in Nigeria. If you have any question kindly hit me up below the comment section.

For more about Internet Plans Check out the Internet Category.

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Sorry this question is on another article. Can I do the mtn N25 data plan if I’m already on a monthly plan