Using Tech to Reward your passion as a Sports Enthusiast

Reward your passion with Tech!

Technology has made the world a global village – A village as we all know is characterized by its seemingly homogeneous lifestyle.

Your best friend’s house is just a meter away, your grandfather’s house pitched at the fringes is a 100 meters apart and standing in front of your house, your crush walks about twice a day to fetch water from the well.

Village lives are about the same. Everybody would know when a pin fall in a haystack and who pried to find it.

Now think of Technology in that way – It connects the world and about anything happening from half way across the world is not only published in the papers but could be watched as it transpires.

As a Sports Fan, it’s in my opinion that no group has enjoyed the immense benefit Technology has to offer than sports lovers.

Huge reveal; I’m a big fan of the NFL. However, my work demands I travel often. I’m not always at the stadium to watch my favorite team (Tennessee Titans), or not in the comfort of my home cheering my team with a bottle of soda in hands then I’m somewhere in the world tuning on with my smartphone to stream the match.

Why Mobile Apps Are Good as Cable To Stream NFL Games

The Athletic extends its Cable Tv services on Mobile app. Signup fee is a generous offer, almost free if you ask me but for $9.9 monthly you can enjoy more than just the NFL. You also get to get access to the NHL, MLB, NBA and other college sports.

The app gives you ample analysis and opinion pieces by professional pundits, box scores, highlights, fantasy sports help and so much more.

Nowhere do these offerings help an activity I engage in than betting the NFL. Yes, we lose games, but that’s the fun of it. Winning some and losing others.

I’ve been doing this for a long time. And this should serve as a caveat, you shouldn’t engage in this activity with more you can afford to lose.

Another important thing that people often forget to mention is getting reliable sportsbook. If you want to find the best NFL sportbooks in USA, there are many out there but I can only vouch for a few I’ve used and have been satisfied.

When looking for the most reliable sportsbook sites online, here are some things to look out for:

Trustworthiness – Does the betting site have a good reputation, judging by pedigree and current reviews? A simple Google search on the website will reveal a lot you need to know.

Bonuses and Rewards – Do they offer incentives to bettors? How good are weekly promotions, are there specific mobile promotions?

Deposit and withdrawal options – This is very important as you would want to have the smoothest transactions when depositing or withdrawing earnings. Do the sportsbook accept credit cards, E wallets checks? How easy is it to withdraw earnings? If they’ve ticked all these boxes then then are quite good.

Customer Service and Reliability – What happens when you run into a blind alley and you need help navigating their app? Does the customer support answer questions 24/7 and how active is their live chat?

 Currencies and Languages – for someone that travels quite a lot I’d always stake with a site that has a lot of currencies.

Languages are important to me as well such as Spanish, Portuguese and French as I have a lot of friends that join in staking bets.

I enjoy seeing my friends that are not from the USA, equally as enthusiastic about the NFL. It creates some sort of bond that transcends language and culture. It connects you in different ways but what’s more important is the gusto that lights up in our faces with each goal scored and the bitter demeanor when we lose. Gripped in unexpected outcomes we are glued to the screen in constant anxiety and unity.

What’s more rewarding is the satisfaction of knowing I’ve won on the field and my finance gets an increment whenever all the odds staked turns green!