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Meet The Fastest UFS Memory Card Made by Samsung

Universal flash storage also Known as (UFS) Memory cards are prepared to make an entrance. According to recent reports, UFS is coming sooner than earlier speculated. The new Memory card will be five times faster compared to normal MicroSD Card. This point of action reveals Samsung budding commitment in improving both hardware and software components […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specs: will Be Faster Than Your PC

Samsung galaxy’s success of the Note 5 is looped to Galaxy Note 7. When asked of the deviation jumping 6 down rightly, Samsung believe going for a uniform naming scheme- both the Galaxy S series and Note Flagships, a fresh painted idea should only show case last generation Smartphone’s on Samsung’s frontier. Regardless of what […]

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Samsung Bendable Smartphones Are Coming A Lot Sooner Than Late

Samsung Electronics Co. are full of wrapped surprises unveiled at  every Mobile word congress. Word on the internet is Samsung is poised to produce bendable, flexible, innovative Smartphones. You can call Samsung bendable smartphones whatever, but it doesn’t fall short of Amazing. Firstly, Wrapped in a box was a curvy feature incorporated on the galaxy […]

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