Top 5 Outstanding Keylogger for iPhone 2020 

The hacking industry keeps on innovating better and efficient tech solutions. Among the list of these innovative tech solutions, a Keylogger is an attractive tool as well as software. It is another popular name in the industry, that has made hacking as well as monitoring quite simpler and convenient.

The software has exceptional functionality to record keystrokes made over the keyboard and share it via a file or through the internet. So, here is your assistance to extract all the information typed on the device.

With an effective Keylogger function, you get everything, starting with chats, contacts, social media passwords and more. And for such a useful tool, there are certainly a great number of service providers in the market.

Many of them even offer such a compatible Keylogger, that is functional on both iOS and Android operating systems. However, you don’t want to go for something that just works. You need to look for the best, as the discretion to identity relies on it.

In this article, we will offer you brief information on “what a Keylogger is” and will present a list of 5 best iPhone Keylogger like Spyier, Minspy, Spyine and more. So let’s start with a brief intro of Keylogger.


What Is a Keylogger and How It Works? 


A Keylogger is a software inbuilt in the monitoring or spying application. It is specifically designed to assess and record all the typing done on the target device. A Keylogger can effectively extract information from various types of devices, like a computer, iOS and Android.

As the Keylogger records every single bit of strokes made on the keyboard, you have the chance to gain a lot of information. You can see usernames, messages, passwords and more significant information about your targeted person.

It means that Keylogger is certainly the best tool to spy upon your partner, child or employee. When it comes to a Keylogger for an iPhone, then you must look for a tool that works accurately from a remote location.

As Keylogger is highly useful, you need to understand how it benefits. So here we have got some points, that will help you understand the utility of an iPhone Keylogger.

  1. With the right iPhone Keylogger, you get the chance to secretly spy on your employees and test their loyalty.
  2. With a Keylogger, you can be notified about all the activities taking place on the target device. This will help you identify if there is anything suspicious activity going on.
  3. One of the most interesting things about a Keylogger is that it helps you recover passwords and usernames. It lets you look over the social media activities of the person as well.

After knowing enough about the Keylogger as a software, you can now move on the best available options in the market. Let’s checkout Spyier, the first and absolutely a suitable option for iOS users.




Spyier is certainly the most sophisticated spying app, which is why it offers a worthy Keylogger for iOS users. Keylogger offered by Spyier, brings you an effective tool to record all the strokes made on the keyboard. It also provides remote access to check all the extracted data.


With a no jailbreak requirement, you get the chance to utilise iCloud details and easily connect the Spyier on the target device. With an entirely internet-based process, you can receive the recorded keystrokes on your system.


You can access Spyier’s results through its dashboard, which is compatible with all the browsers. As the login is done over the internet through iCloud details, there is no threat to your identity detection.


All the providers of the best iPhone Keylogger like Spyier, ensure that tool they offer should meet your expectations. Which is why this Keylogger is highly sturdy and records all the activities taking place on the target phone.


Key Functions Of Spyier’s Keylogger


Spyier offers a sturdy Keylogger that is equipped with various features to offer optimum results. Here are some things you can expect from Spyier:


  1. Keylogger For Web Browser:  With Spyier’s Keylogger, you get the chance to track the browsing activities of the person. The Keylogger helps you find out the sites they visit along with their frequency and purpose of the site.


  1. Keylogger for Social Media: Spyier has monitoring services for apps like WhatsApp and Line. It offers Keylogger that helps you monitor these apps and read their messages, access media files etc. Also, Spyier’s Keylogger, helps you retrieve deleted messages and further extract contact details.


  1. Keylogger for MS Office: Spyier has designed its Keylogger with such efficacy, that it helps them to track MS Office apps like Excel and MS Word. It further assists in checking any errors or mistakes in official work.


  1. Keylogger For Notes: iPhone users are found to be highly interested in apps such as Apple Notes, Evernotes and Google Keep. The Keylogger offered by Spyier detects all the activities done on these apps and offers accurate records.


  1. Keylogger For Email: Spyier’s Keylogger helps in tracking activities done on popular email apps like Gmail. If you are willing to monitor emails of the target person, then go and check out Spyier.


  1. Keylogger For Messaging: Messages are certainly the most important aspects while spying someone. Spyier offers an extremely beneficial Keylogger that tracks iMessages, allowing you to monitor all the incoming as well as outgoing messages.




Apart from Spyier, Minspy offers an effective iPhone Keylogger for monitoring iOS devices. The spying app doesn’t ask for a jailbreak in order to record the activities from the keyboard.


Considering the surveillance for iCloud, Minspy offers a user-friendly Keylogger. The web-based platform allows you to access the extracted records over the internet with any of the desired web browsers.


The Minspy Keylogger is extremely compatible on both the OS including iOS and Android operating systems. So, you get the chance to easily operate the functions overall tablets and smartphones having either the Android or iOS operating system.




If you are looking for the most recent iPhone Keylogger, then Spyine is the solution. Packed with a bundle of iPhone spying features, Spyine offers an extremely functional Keylogger.

With a simple iCloud id, you get the chance to monitor everything, be it dialled contacts, passwords etc. It does not require any sort of jailbreak. All you need to do is get registered after getting iCloud credentials and begin monitoring.




Spyic offers an extremely intuitive Keylogger, which tracks even the tiniest stroke made on the device. With completely remote functioning, this Keylogger offers access to all the activities taking place on the device.


Not just that, but this spying app is efficient to track authentication details as well. With simple access to control panel, you get the chance to view data from anywhere and with any browser.




Cocospy is an amazing alternative for Spyier, as it is compatible with both the operating systems, i.e. iOS and Android. It doesn’t require any technical jailbreak knowledge to operate the system.

You can access Cocospy’s website in order to register and track the recordings. The control panel offered by Cocospy is effective to assert the results on any device and any browser.


In addition to its Keylogger, Cocospy also offers features such as tracking SIM card credentials, monitoring call and messaging and spying over social media accounts.




Spying through Keylogger is certainly the best and most effective option. The above-listed apps offer remote tracking features along with other benefits. The best iPhone Keylogger like Spyier is quite useful for dealing with safety issues of your child or partner.


Before making the decision, you must understand the requirements and features offered. By analyzing both of them simultaneously, you will be able to select the most suitable option for yourself.